Dr. Bobby E. Wright on Proper Black Student Education, the Psychopathic Racial Personality and more

RBG Communiversity: Message 2 Da Grassroots

“Dr. Bobby E. Wright was a “Black” Afrikan psychologist, so labeled not just because he was both “Black” Afrikan and a psychologist, but because he used his education, training, intellectual knowledge and skills always in the best interest of “Black” Afrikan people all over the world.”



Dr. Bobby Wright was one of the greatest analytical thinkers of the 20th Century. He not only skillfully identified the problems that face Afrikan people today but also had a clear solution to help solve our problem. Dr. Bobby Wright developed a Black Social Theory that would combat white supremacy. Dr. Bobby Wright said, “The Black Social Theory determines the destiny of a people by establishing guidelines of life. It defines their relationship with other living things, It defines values and rituals, methods of education, and how enemies are dealt with, etc.” Also, Dr. Wright concept of Mentacide explains some of the self…

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