RBG Notepad: Blak EduTainment in the Finest Tradition

RBG Notepad: Blak EduTainment in the Finest Tradition
RBG Street Scholars Think Tank

The hot linked table below provides a kol way to survey and “get into” some of the premiere educational assets of Our “New Afrikan” Revolutionary Radio and TV Driven- Communiversity. It including news, analysis and solutions-based Afrikan-centered multi-media teaching / learning assets, music, videos and spoken word. Just click a link, open a note and enjoy.

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Who Are Our Professors
Our Professors are Our Scholars…cultural workers, raptivist, revolutionaries and grassroots communty folk; including the likes of DPZ and…

Faces Of Black Oppression and Challenges Towards Liberation




Dr. Carter G. Woodson On Education

The education of any people should begin with the people themselves…. The chief difficulty with the education of the Negro is that it has been…

A Bonified RBG Street Scholar: Mukasa Afrika

About Mukasa Afrika
I was born and raised into the…


This is the blackmans true question.

We have been lied…

“A Real Live Shakle Breaker”: Praylu Productions

Praylu Productions Trademark/Poster

I would like to take the opportunity to thank and welcome RBG Street Scholars Think Tank’s newest contributor. My good friend and colleague…

RBG’s Hottest EduTainment Environment: DailyMotion

E-Zine Players / Bottom Widget

Full Screen Video Playlist with link to the spot…

“New” RBG Core Curriculum A-V Study and Discussion Guide

Read, Think, Look and Listen

RBG Curriculum Audio-Visual Study and Discussion Guide @ Veoh Video

You Tubers With Creativity, Imagination and Intellect


RBG StreetScholar’s You Tube-Reloaded. As many of you are aware, I was one of the first and leading Director on You Tube…

RBG e-Learning and Certification Programs / Beta Testing

RBG Street Scholars Think Tank e-Learning & Certification ProgramsYour feedback is very important to this trailblazing work, as when it comes to…

Turn Off The Radio & Turn On RBG: e-College Audio Players

Turn On Breakdown FM
w/ Davey D
Turn On Old School RnB
Turn On HipHop101:
Old School Hip Hop (1979-1989)
Turn On RBG Re-Education…

June 2007: Reparations Tribunal in Berlin
itrap banner

Berlin, Germany
June 7-10 2007 1884:
European powers meet in
Berlin to divide Africa among themselves.June 2007…

(Companion video)

RBG Ancestral Libation / Call and Response Affirmation:

(Companion video)

To all our ancestors of antiquity, who developed great knowledge and gave civilization to the world.
(Group) Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!

To all our ancestors who were fortunate to be buried on the soil of Alkebu-lan (Africa) our motherland.
(Group) Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!

To all our ancestors who were lost and killed during the voyage of the Middle Passage.
(Group) Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!

To all our ancestors who suffered the cruelty of the horrible institution of slavery, racism, segregation and oppression in North America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East, and throughout the world.
(Group) Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!

We say thank you, great ancestors for the precious gift of your blood, sweat and tears who fought for freedom, justice and equality.
(Group) Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!

To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group) I promise, as a descendant and benefactor of your life, to uphold truth without fear, and to never forget you and your sacrifices as I teach myself and our children to honor and respect you. Ase!

To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group) I promise to assume the responsibility in continuing on the path of progress and build upon the foundation you have laid before us. Ase!

To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group) I promise to remove the fear, ignorance, shame and self-hatred of my African History and Re-claim the cultural heritage and consciousness of spiritual oneness. Ase!

To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group) I promise to continue to build a new world for and with our children, based on our traditional cultural principles and values. Ase!

To all the spirits of our individual families, known and unknown by name, and whom we silently remember in our hearts.
(Group) We praise and honor you. May your spirit be filled with light and progress and may the light guide us through the fear and ignorance of our times. Ase!

Moment of Silence:
ADUPE ARIKU BABA WA (Thank You, by the Spirit of Our Ancestors)
(ALL) Ase! Ase! Ase! (So shall it be!)

For source of Libation text and further study link out to:
Africa Within.com

Also Check Out:

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Link to original Group Blog:

RBG Notepad: Blak EduTainment in the Finest Tradition


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