M-1 Laids Dwn the Law: Fox News Picked On The Wrong Negro!

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If you missed Fox News yesterday than you missed it when M-1 from dead prez came on there and shut shit down. It was a beautiful thing and the only option they had was to try and use Mancow a washe up shock jock, to try and make jokes after M1 left. He had cats speechless. They thought they would pick an easy fight and got pummeled on. Andreas Hale from HipHopdx.com gives the play by play. Later on had M-1 come on my radio show to expound upon his points. Yep Fox News picked her wrong dude to mess with.. Peep the interview


Davey D

Fox News Picked On The Wrong Negro!

by Andreas Hale of hiphopdx.com

So this Don Imus shit is blowing up right (scary because it’s blown up bigger than the Sean Bell case and somebody died there)? Hip Hop’s detractors have come out in full force acting as if Don Imus was influenced by Snoop or Too $hort. Every gotdamn hour it’s Don Imus and then something about rap music followed by some shit where they say “well he said sorry…geeze.” The two shouldn’t be intertwined in this instance.

At any rate, the biggest phoney of a news network, Fox News, decided they needed to attack someone to make their point that hip hop is fucked up seem that much more vaild. They tried to holler at your boy Davey D to be on the O’Reilly show but Davey wasn’t going for that shit.(He knew they were trying to set him up and he didn’t want to give credibility to those folks)

So Neil Cavuto reached out to grab a rapper they could dominate and apparently the likes of Yung Joc and Young Jeezy were too busy (or too smart) or something so who did Fox go and get? M-1 from dead prez!

Dude…how stupid do you have to be to challenge someone like M-1 to a debate? Below I have attached the transcript as M-1 GAVE IT to Cavuto. He befuddled him to the point where Cavuto had to tap out.

Now here’s the funny thing…there is NO TRACE OF THIS ONLINE. Below is the “transcript” of the interview and it has no trace of M-1 sonning this cat. I saw it live and you probably won’t see it in full again.


There’s a link to the video and you’ll see how it was cut off. The shit isn’t even on Cavuto’s foxnews.com page. Gotta love how they control the masses minds with swift editing tactics.

From the April 12 edition of Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto:

CAVUTO: M-1, I know that this is not your parent company, but NBC Universal owns Interscope Records, which has, under its employ, a lot of rap artists who routinely say stuff like you’ve just said and worse. And, NBC is OK with that, not OK with Don Imus making an errant comment. Do you find that, just as an artist, hypocritical?

M-1: No, I don’t find it hypocritical mainly because of our relationship to the system – our relationship with our oppressor. Once again, with personal responsibility taken at hand here, we’re talking about rappers who are coerced to say things other than what the reality of our community is and Mr. Imus, who obviously has said sentiments that come from his personal beliefs. I think you are comparing apples and oranges here even when you bring the rap community into the question. And once –

CAVUTO: No, you know, M-1, I don’t think I am. I mean, a ho is a ho, right? So, if Imus uses the expression and then you use the expression, you’ve both said “ho.”

M-1: Well, no, I don’t –

CAVUTO: Well, you’ve both said it. So, now, you’re saying –

M-1: No, I don’t use “ho.”

CAVUTO: All right, so –

M-1: I don’t say “ho.” And that’s my point exactly. And even the word “ho” existed way before 1976, when rap began. “Ho” is a relationship between the pimp and the pimper, the pimpee, if it may. And so—

CAVUTO: So, there’s nothing wrong with Imus saying it, right?

M-1: Well, of course—

CAVUTO: And there’s nothing wrong then with rappers – unlike yourself – saying it, right?

M-1: Well, of course there’s something wrong with both of those relationships. However, what governs that relationship is the historical relationship of oppression between black people and our white oppressors in this country, and that’s not a racist statement, that’s the reality that we live in.

CAVUTO: But Don Imus wasn’t oppressing you or anyone else. He made a mistaken—maybe a badly phrased comment. He’s lost a job on the air as a result of it. You can continue to make pretty, you know, outlandish comments for art, whatever you want to call it. It just doesn’t seem right. Does it seem right to you?


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