Chuck D On Russell Simmons…He’s A Buzzard!!!!

SoHH Gyant


I had the opportunity to attend an event with Russell Simmons at the Blue Room last night in Buckhead. But when I got to the spot, they gave me a hard time regarding my camera.

It seems that though I was allowed to enter the party, I wasn’t allowed to take any video or pictures. What the hell did Russell think I was going to do sketch a picture of him?

Needless to say, I didn’t stay more then 10 minutes because without my camera with me, I’m useless. I’m there for the people, and if I can’t record what going on around me then there is no point in me being there.

Anyway though I was brutally rebuffed regarding Russell Simmons it seems that Chuck D from Public Enemy is not too thrilled with the founding father either. Find out more after the jump!

I got a video of the pioneering rapper discussing the three word ban that Russell is attempting to impose. Chuck D accuses Russell Simmons of trying to impose a ban that he helped ignite back when Hip Hop first started. He even goes as far as to call Russ a buzzard.

Real talk, Chuck D is my dude. He straight spoke the truth, and lets hope others follow in his path.

Talk to y’all lata

SoHH Gyant

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