Thinking About Thinking: A RBG Street Scholars Think Tank Audio-Visual Capsule

Designed, Developed, Written & Curated by
Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D. /
bna RBG Street Scholar

This Educational Program and Research Project is Dedicated to Further Building the Hip Hop–Black Liberation Movement Connection By Providing A Scholarly Digital Edutainment / Learning Environment

RBG’s Advanced Studies e-College is a Higher Education Demonstration & Research Initiative “

Research Question:
Will the evidence show students attending this Interactive Multi-media, Afrikan-centered Cultural Development and Education Communiversity to be academically superior to those attending
traditional U.S. colleges. Academically superior meaning more effective in creating Black Power for self, family, community, Nation and racesocial, political, economic and moralbased on the character and substance of their education.

How We Provoke Thought & Discussion:

Please keep in mind that RBG is a Think Tank.
A center of higher learning organized for intensive study, research and problem solving, focused in the areas of the use of technology in Afrikan-centered cultural development and education, social, political and economic strategy.
More frequently than not, we initiate our teaching / learning process by presenting audio and visual resources that pose semalies, parables, metaphors, analogies and oxymorons–that’s what makes you think (we hope). Then we have lively and well informed group discussions revolving around the various messages put forth in the learning objects and media assets. Next we research the facts overlaying our discussions using the voluminous number of resources available in the communiversity’s web portals and learning environments. Finally, each learner has the opportunity to fill our evaluation instruments on most of the 5,000+ RLOs (Reusable Learning Objects) and media assets that comprise the core curriculum. It is out of following this methodology that we devise position papers and community policy recommendations and initiatives.


1. To familiarize and expose learners to a wide variety of 19th and 20th century African-American leaders and our rich history of struggles for human and civil right, national liberation and self determination.

2. To expose learners to a Concentrically Integrated African-Centered Liberal Arts Curriculum–including, online mini-lectures, commentaries and interviews from our authors, playwrights, poets, activist and scholars–that will enable large amounts of information to be comprehended in a relatively short period of time.

3. To continue the development of an appreciation of Afrikan-Centered Education propagated through the Afrikan oral & musical traditions; including Afrikan Drums, Spoken Word / Rap, R & B, Blues, Jazz and Reggae.

4. To draw lessons from the rich legacy of struggle and resistance to oppression within the African American community through critical analysis of videos, photo-stories, multimedia essays and PowerPoint shows and scholarly charts, tables, graphs and PDF documents; thus fostering socio-political activism in the learners own lives.

5. To develop, encourage and diversify strategies for learning about and responding to social, political, cultural and moral issues impacting Afrikans in America, thus increasing comprehension and interpretation skills.

6. To synthesize serious community issues using multi-faceted content and learning objects which represent the perspective of those who are in an American minority group; and apply said principles and generalizations in investigation of societal issues and problems from an Afrikan-Centered perspective.

7. Finally and most importantly, to teach and learn from aspiring and seasoned teachers within a sophisticated SDL (Self Directed Learning)–e classes environment how to become more effective teachers, leaders and activist. We sharpen academic professionals and community educators / street scholars skills in the areas of public speaking, reading and writing critically and designing captivating presentation suitable for both whole-group and small-group settings. In other words, this is where the tutors (RBG Street Scholar) and other facilitators teach you how to become inspirer and healer of our people. Not only do we develop your skills, but we also provides you with the content to do you thang. You will even learn how to modify the content provided such that it becomes a new derivative product all you own; to do what you will, ie. teach from it, barter it etc.

RBG Street Scholar Online Videos by


He is Marc Imhotep Cray, a Physician (UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School), Pharmacy School trained Pharmacologist/Analytical Chemist, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) & Black Studies Master Teacher, Medical Infomatics Expert, Webmaster, Medical & Afrikan-Centered Education Researcher and RBG Street Scholar in Evolution.

·He is formerly Director of Office of Medical Education American International School of Medicine-Georgetown, Guyana.

·Formerly Associate Professor of Basic Medical Sciences and Campus Curriculum Coordinator International University of Health Sciences-School of Medicine-Saint Kitts, West Indies (only PBL Medical School in the Caribbean)

·Dr. Cray is an Expert PBL and Case-Based Learning Tutor/Facilitator

·He has a unique integrated fund of knowledge and eloquence in the seven traditional BMS with USMLE Step 1 level proficiency in the “4 P’s”-Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pathology and Pharmacology

·Dr. Cray established the only BMS Curriculum Driven Introduction to Clinical Medicine-Clinical Skills Center (ICM-CSC) in the West Indies

·Dr. Cray is an experienced Medical Web Developer, e-Professor/Online Lecturer

·He is an author of several e-articles, e-books and e-magazines (e-Zine), USMLE Tagged Virtual Medical School Courseware and RBG Street Scholars Think Tank.

Goodie Mob (sky high)-Black Ice


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