RBG Anti-Niggerization Studies: Ridding the World of Niggers (Niggas)!

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RBG Anti-Niggerization Studies: Ridding the World of Niggers (Niggas)!


The purpose of the learning series is not only about not using the word, another asset addresses that issue more directly (The N Word – Divided We Stand (2004) DVD and Essay, The Mighty N-Word). More importantly, in this series we are dealing with the niggerized mentality. An extension of Imam Jamil Al-Amin’s (bna H Rap Brown) Political Autobiography, Die ******, Die

RBG Street Scholar

Have’nt you wondered why all of sudden most black men in america wants to be a hardcore gantsa-ass nigga? just all of a sudden? so fast? have you ever thought about this? who caused this effect? there is no one trying to murder you right? but your own kind! why do black people act so criminal minded? i ‘ll tell why cause after the black panther movement the government had to make sure that no other black person woman or man rise up like this. so they made a plan! they started with the ghettos. okay these niggas are mad,angry, hungry, and depressed and we need no more black panther shit going on.

STEP 1: take all the angry niggas and give’em the most deadly weapons we can find!

STEP 2: take all them depressed niggas and hook them on some crack or whatever type of drug that we can cook up thats cheap to buy. you know these niggas aint got no money.

STEP 3: take them jobless niggas and show them how to sell crack to them depressed niggas. they’ll make all the money.

STEP 4: then we will make them angry niggas with the guns, jealous of them crack selling niggas with all the money.

STEP 5: now put all these niggas in a box together, on one side of town, and close the lid. we’ll only open up the box maybe once a week to take out the dead niggas(dead rats) and throw in some more for the slaughter, along with some new ammunition, and more deadly weapons. we should come back in about 10-15 years and all these dumb stupid niggas will be laid-over dead for sure. NIGGAS IN THE GHETTO IS JUST LIKE RATS IN A BOX!

now look at us 15 years later fussin, cussin, shootin, killin, robbin, stealin and dope dealin! niggas is right on the execution scheldule. shot up! cracked up! or locked up!

Nigger, nigga, spade, coon, jigaboo, darky, darkie, darkey, pickaninny, piccaninny, picaninny– ethnic slur; offensive name for Black person. It is otherwise a word expressive of racial hatred and bigotry. Many in the African American ethic group continue to refer to themselves and other African Americans as niggers (niggas). This is a campaign to provide the ignorant with the knowledge to make an informed decision about one’s self and by extension one’s family, community and world.

Consider the following quotes:

When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his “proper place” and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his own benefit. …. Carter G. Woodson (1933). Mis-education of the Negro

One of the greatest roles ever created by the western man has been the role of negro. One of the greatest actors to play the role has been the nigger. … Henry Dumas

You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger. … James Baldwin

Greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed. … Steve Biko

Using nigger (nigga) has a common reference is done by a person who has succumb to the racist attitudes that are prevalent in the United States. Those who continue to use nigger (nigga) as common vernacular are contributing, consciously or unconsciously, to the destruction of the African American community. Their use of nigger (nigga) is an outward manifestation of their “mis-education” and enslaved mind.

The next time you hear an African American use nigger (nigga) as a common reference:

  1. Consider what is it in that person’s education that makes it necessary to degrade one’s self and other African Americans.
  2. Then imagine if that person’s education would allow him or her to see African Americans full of positive potential, allowing him or her to refer to African Americans as Beautiful, Queen, King, Black or simply “Man”. Imagine that! If a nigga could become a Man.
  3. Challenge them to free their mind.


Racism systematically verifies itself when the slave can only break free by imitating the master: by contradicting his own reality.

When a Black man looks at Black people with a Black mind and Black soul, it is immediately apparent that Black people possess certain unique characteristics which not only distinguish them from whites and negroes, but which have greatly contributed to the survival of Blacks. Whites recognize this and have always attempted to eradicate these characteristics or discredit them. In instances where they have succeeded, negroes have been created.

Negroes have always been close allies of whites in trying to eliminate Black resistance to undesirable acculturation. Negroes see poor and uninstitutionalized Blacks as niggers. They find it necessary to prove to whites that they are not niggers, failing to realize that whites see all Black people as niggers, no matter how rich or how poor.

Some Blacks prefer to be called negroes because they like to distinguish themselves from other Blacks. They fear that if they called themselves Blacks, they might antagonize whites. And if they antagonized whites, they would lose their position as negroes — the white-appointed overseers of Blacks. Thus, negroes have always tried to aid and impress whites by eliminating Blackness. Negroes know that whites prefer institutionalized Blacks, i.e., Blacks who give their allegiance to white cultural, political, social and economic institutions. Non-institutionalized Blacks are difficult to control, because their allegiance is to Blacks and not to white institutions. It is negroes who strain to send their children to white schools so that the nigger in them may be killed and they may thereby become better institutionalized.

Any action or behavior which is not endorsed by whites, negroes consider “acting a nigger.” What was “acting a nigger” two years ago is now accepted as “soul.” Naturally, this was endorsed by whites before being accepted by negroes. The conversation in negro america has always been, “What are we going to do about them niggers?” never, “What are we going to do about them white folks?” Negroes always said, “Niggers holding us back!” “Niggers ain’t shit!” “Don’t go around acting a nigger!”

Negroes say:

Nobody but niggers curse and use “poor English.”
Nobody but niggers steal.
Nobody but niggers are always loud.
Nobody but niggers listen to the blues.
Nobody but niggers burn and loot.
Nobody but niggers eat watermelon.
I don’t call you nigger ’cause you’re mine,
I call you nigger ’cause you shine.

While negroes are saying this about poor and uninstitutionalized Blacks, whites say this about all Blacks. The negro, being unable to recognize who is the true enemy, becomes an enemy of Blacks. Negroes prefer “living” to being free.

To be Black in this country is to be a nigger. To be a nigger is to resist both white and negro death. It is to be free in spirit, if not body. It is the spirit of resistance which has prepared Blacks for the ultimate struggle. This word, “nigger,” which is taboo in negro and white america, becomes meaningful in the Black community. Among Blacks it is not uncommon to hear the words, “my nigger,” (addressed to a brother as an expression of kinship and brotherhood and respect for having resisted), or “He’s a bad nigger!,” meaning, He’ll stand up for himself. He won’t let you down. He’ll go down with you. When Blacks call negroes “niggers,” however, it takes on the negativeness of white and negro usage.

Negroes and whites have wished death to all Blacks, to all niggers. Their sentiment is “Die Nigger Die!” — eitehr by becoming a negro or by institutionalized or active genocide.

Blacks know, however, that no matter how much or how hard negroes and whites may try, ultimately it will be the negro and his allies who will “Dye, die, die!”

America calling.
can you dance?
play foot/baseball?
needed now. negroes
who can entertain
other not

(& are considered extremely dangerous.)

Don L. Lee
Read the full book online


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