Mo Farella Hip Hop: Precise Science

Ruffmic & FreedomWriter are Precise Science

“They take you back while propelling you forward ”
Some say Hip-Hop is dead and the culture needs to break away from corporate control. Others believe real Hip-Hop is in a cocoon, and that something stronger and more beautiful will emerge at the right time. Then there are those who have given up on it all together.

Well, there’s a buzz comin’ out of Baltimore about a new hip-hop / spoken-word duo that are changing peoples views across a wide range of ages and lifestyles.

Precise Science: “Everybody’s Not Gonna Make It” is being heralded as the benchmark standard of the new evolution in conscious hip-hop.

Can Hip-Hop be political but not preachy? Spiritual but not sappy? Educational, edgy, ecclectic – yet still pleasing to the ear, musically?

Hip-Hop lives.

In a time of shock jock media hype, corrupted radio stations and notions of censoring lyrics, here comes an inspiring response in the form of a melodic journey through the hearts and minds of the Conscious Afrikan Collective.
Check these brothers out!

Download their music at


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