Listen to Tribunal Testimony: White Mobs Hunted & Killed Over 200 Blacks During Katrina

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Listen to Tribunal Testimony: White Vigilante Justice pt1

Listen to Tribunal Testimony: White Vigilante Justice pt2

During the International Hurricane Katrina and Rita Tribunal we heard all sorts of testimony about white vigilantes ‘hunting’ down Black folks. This was in addition to the widespread police brutality. In some instances New Orleans police were seen riding with and working with white vigilantes who claimed they were protecting their neighborhoods.

Former Black Panther Malik Rahim of the organization Common Ground was witness to white vigilantes who were roaming his neighborhood in Algiers which is located on the West Bank of New Orleans. This was one of the few places in the city that did not experience flooding. It was the only neighborhood in all of New Orleans that still had safe drinking water.

According to Malik, Black people who discovered the what good shape Algiers was in came over seeking refuge. Sadly they found themselves being chased off or gunned down by mobs of angry whites who patrolled the neighborhood. Black people including Malik who were from Algiers found themselves being threatened by their former neighbors.

During his searing testimony Malik offered up a documentary he and his comrades from Common Ground put together. In the documentary we get to see and hear angry white people bragging about how they were shooting and killing Blacks while they were barbecueing. It seems so outlandish to the point of dis-belief until. They went out at night on what they called ‘pheasant Hunts’. Malik estimates that over 200 Blacks lost their lives to white vigilantes.

During his testimony Malik talked about military occupation and how soldiers who came straight from Iraq were brought over to patrol New Orleans. Algiers was ground zero for many of these troops. Malik talks in great detail about Black neighborhoods being under-seiged and Black people being terrorized as bullet ridden Black male bodies were turning up everyday.

For those who don’t know there is a International Tribunal here in New Orleans that is focusing on what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. People from all over the world are down here to observe and listen to heart wrenching testimony about the neglect of the US government when the city was flooded.

The first day of testimony (Thurs Aug 30th)has been riveting. The incident that stands out is the September 4th 2005 incident on the Danziger Bridge where 7 New Orleans police officers who were not dressed in uniform swooped down on an unarmed African American family and shot the mother, daughter, father and killed one of their teenage sons as they attempted to walk across the bridge.

Another African American family that stood at the top of the bridge and witnessed this massacre saw themselves in danger as the police hunted down them down and wound up killing an unarmed retarded man named Ronald Madison. He was shot 5 times in the back.

Ronald’s brother Romel came and spoke before the packed Tribunal and gave a chilling account of what took place that day and showed pictures of his brother moments before he was executed by those who were sworn to protect and serve but instead acted like Al-Queda terrorists.

Just to show you how bad things are and were here in New Orleans, the seven officers accused of first degree murder were let out on bail and allowed back to work in spite of being indicted by a Grand Jury. No wonder New Orleans is often referred to as Sin City.

This is only the beginning, wait till you hear the other incidents of police terrorism that went down in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina.

Our show opens up with excerpts from speeches and interviews with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Minister Willie Muhammed of the NOI and Malik Raheim of Common Ground.

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