Malcolm X: Make It Plain |Full Documentary and A Brilliant Essay from buddahpest

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From buddahpest

It’s worth noting too, that Malcolm was on the receiving end of a number of hostile activities a few nights before he was assassinated. He was assassinated on February 21st of 1965.
About a week before, maybe as much as eight or nine days before, his home, Malcolm X’s home in New York was firebombed. Eye witnesses saw a policeman walking into his house and the police later claimed that Malcolm X firebombed his own home in an attempt to create the notion that somebody was actively opposing him and a firebomb was found, I believe it was on his wife’s dresser, and the claim was them bandied about by the authorities that Malcolm X had firebombed his own home. It is also worth noting that there appears to have been a dress rehearsal of Malcolm X’s assassination a few days before he was actually assassinated. In a rehearsal for an address in New York City, there was a disturbance in the audience and a fellow said “nigger, get your hand out of my pocket”, and there was then a scuffle and Malcolm X broke up the scuffle. Nothing much came of that. Later on, however, those exact same words led to a scuffle which appears to have been the cue to the assassins to open fire on Malcolm X. It is worth noting that John Ali was present at this particular address in which what appears to have been a dress rehearsal for Malcolm’s assassination took place.

Now when Malcolm X was assassinated, he was giving a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. One of the interesting aspects of his assassination was that all of the speakers who were scheduled to appear at this event cancelled at the last minute. Malcolm X was there, but somehow it appears that the word got out that this was not going to be a place to be. But for whatever reason, all of the scheduled speakers but Malcolm X cancelled the day of his assassination. Again, bear in mind that there was at least one active BOSSI and FBI agent present on Malcolm’s security staff at the Audubon Ballroom, the aforementioned Gene Roberts or Brother Gene, and that he was operating at the behest of Anthony Ulazowitz (sp) and John Caulfield, later key Watergate operatives on behalf of Richard Nixon, that they at the time were working with the BOSSI, the New York City Anti-Organized Crime and Red Squad, tabbed by Division Five of the FBI to work against both the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity.

Now in the audience when Malcolm got up to speak, there was this same disturbance that had taken place a few days earlier. A guy said “Nigger, get your hand out of my pocket”, and there was a scuffle in the audience. Malcolm said “Cool it brothers, cool it”. At that point, one of the two combatants pulled a German Luger out of his pocket and began opening fire at Malcolm X. Another man in the audience pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and fired and struck Malcolm X at virtually point-blank range. The assassins then exited out one of the side doors, firing at Malcolm X the whole time and holding most of the audience at bay. Malcolm’s own security people fired and wounded one of the assassins as they were escaping.

Now that night there was a fire at Mosque Seven in Harlem, which had been founded by Malcolm X and eventually the leadership of Mosque Seven was taken over by Lewis X, as he was calling himself at the time, now Lewis Farakhan, who incidentally had publically called for Malcolm X’s death following Malcolm’s break with and condemnation of Elijah Muhammed. But the night Malcolm X was assassinated, Mosque Seven had a very serious fire. The same evening interestingly enough, there was a very mysterious fire at the apartment of Muhammed Ali, the famed prize fighter, also perhaps the best known member of the Nation of Islam and for a long time a very close political supporter and personal friend of Malcolm X.

The fire at Muhammed Ali’s apartment was a rather strange one. No one knew that Muhammed Ali and his wife at the time were going to be at this restaurant, yet they got a call at the restaurant telling them that their apartment was on fire. Many people have raised questions about this. It is also worth noting that within a few days of Malcolm’s assassination, of the mysterious fire at the Mosque Seven, the mysterious fire at Muhammed Ali’s apartment, the law offices of Percy Sutton, a New York City councilperson, actually, I believe, later a congressional representative, Percy Sutton’s law offices were vandalized a few days later and also the New York offices of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, Malcolm’s organization, were vandalized a few days later.

It is worth noting again that Lewis Lomax, who had investigated the assassinations of both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, concluded that the intelligence community was behind it. He had, as I said, landed a movie contract about the assassination of Malcolm X, which implicated the intelligence community. While driving to the set one day, the brakes on his car failed and he was killed in an accident. He also, Lomax that is, was pursuing leads in Louisiana which would have connected the assassination of Martin Luther King with that of John F. Kennedy and specifically, he was looking into the activities of the people surrounding the 544 Camp Street, 531 Lafayette Place address that was run as the Guy Bannister Detective Agency. Guy Bannister, former head of the FBI Chicago office, also a former Office of Naval Intelligence operative, as accurately portrayed in the movie “JFK”. In addition to operating on behalf of the CIA’s anti-Castro Cuban efforts, the Bannister Detective Agency was also very active against the civil-rights movement and they put out a racist publication called “Louisiana Intelligence Digest” which maintained that the black civil-rights movement was part of the international communist conspiracy. Something that both J. Edgar Hoover and Arthur Haines, Sr., James Earl Ray’s first attorney, were also advocating at this time and Louis Lomax had developed some contacts in Louisiana and had been pursuing evidenciary tributaries leading in the direction of Bannister and company when he was killed in this one-car automobile accident.

A few days after Malcolm X was killed, one of his top aides in the Organization of Afro-American Unity, a fellow named Leon 4X Ameer, (by the way, the Xs in the names of the Nation of Islam, the Black Muslims, as they are popularly referred to, that reference, and you will see, you know, John 23X, Louis 14X, and so forth. When an African-American joined the organization, he traditionally retained his first name, X was put, basically, in place of his last name to indicate that this was a slave name and that at some point, he had a different name, but that this had become lost to history and depending on when you joined the organization, that determined the number before your “X”. For example, if you were the fifth member of the Nation of Islam named John, you were John 5X. If you were the 14th named Louis, you were Louis 14X, etc. That is what those Xs refer to).

But one of Malcolm’s top aides, Leon 4X Ameer, went to the FBI, about, I think it was ten days after Malcolm was killed, and indicated that he felt that there were elements not only within the Nation of Islam proper, but within the US government that were behind Malcolm’s assassination. He then was found dead, himself, a few days later at the age of 32 in his apartment in Boston. Initially, they said it was suicide, then they changed that to a drug overdose, but the final disposition of the case was that he died of natural causes, despite the fact that he was in good health at the age of 32. It is worth noting that Ameer took his wife and child and relocated them from Boston prior to his death, because he felt that his life was in danger and he did not want his wife and child to die if and when the assassins came for him. That is still the official version of the death of Leon Ameer, namely, natural causes at the age of 32 within ten days of (actually it was about a week) having visited the FBI and voiced his suspicions about U.S. governmental involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X.

It is worth noting that the Socialist Workers Party, elements of which had been very close to the Nation of Islam, were also the targets of COINTELPRO disruption at this time, and that freedom of information act documents that have been declassified in the interim, have revealed that in no uncertain terms, the friction that grew between the Socialist Workers Party and the Nation of Islam, and in particular, the Organization of Afro-American Unity, were as the result of agitation by the FBI.

James Chabaz (sp), who was Malcolm X’s successor, in the Organization of Afro-American Unity, was himself assassinated a few years after Malcolm X. And it is worth noting that one of Elijah Muhammad’s sons was arrested and convicted on a drug charge. This officially discredited him and for a period of time, the most powerful man in the Nation of Islam became John Ali, who was, again, a documented FBI informant. It is also worth noting that John Ali was around many of the areas where Malcolm X was prior to his assassination. Malcolm was going to disembark, for example, at the Los Angeles airport. Some of his security people noted that John Ali was present when Malcolm X was going to land at the Los Angeles airport. Because of his stated hostility to Malcolm X, this was after Malcolm’s break with Elijah Muhammed, the plane of Malcolm X was rerouted to another terminal and law enforcement was alerted. Again, John Ali was physically present at this what appears to have been a dress rehearsal for Malcolm X’s assassination.

Oh, another detail that I forgot, concerning the circumstances of Malcolm’s death, the Audubon Ballroom where he was killed, is directly across the street from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, one of the finest medical institutions in the city.The hospital was called and they were asked to rush medical assistance over to Malcolm X, who was only across the street and no medical assistance was forthcoming. It took a long time and finally, Malcolm’s aides got a stretcher from the hospital and put him on it and carried him over to the hospital. But that is again among the strange circumstances surrounding his assassination, was that for some reason, the people at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital were unable to dispatch an emergency unit across the street. It was so bad that his aides went across the street, got a stretcher, and wheeled him across the street to the hospital. The hospital proffered no assistance whatsoever.

Now again, after one of Elijah Muhammed’s sons was arrested and convicted on a drug charge, John Ali, documented FBI informant, became the most powerful member of the Nation of Islam. Eventually the organization was taken over by Wallace Muhammed, another of Elijah Muhammed’s sons, who promptly undertook to reform the organization along the lines that Malcolm X, himself, had advocated. In the first place, Wallace Muhammed lifted the edict against black-white political cooperation, one of the main sources of the break between Malcolm and Elijah Muhammed.

He, that is to say, Wallace Muhammed, also changed the ideology and the theology of the Nation of Islam. One of the aspects of the Nation of Islam’s philosophy or political viewpoint, which had also alienated Malcolm X, was the explicit doctrine of the Nation of Islam that the white race was created by a mad scientist named Yakob (sp). That was an official element of their doctrine. That obviously worked to the disadvantage of black people and actually worked to the advantage of people like the Aryan Nations, part of whose racist ideology is that black people are genetically and intellectually inferior to white people. The tenet of the Nation of Islam that the white race was created by a mad scientist named Yakob (sp), in my opinion, was very much to the liking of people like Robert Miles and Tom Metzger and George Lincoln Rockwell and H.L. Hunt, because it would tend to discredit black people intellectually. That was one of the things that Wallace Muhammed dispensed of when he took over the leadership of the Nation of Islam. And no sooner did Wallace Muhammed put these reforms into effect than Lewis Farakhan, as he was calling himself then, formally Lewis X, head of the Boston Mosque of the Nation of Islam, who had publically called for Malcolm X’s death as a result of his hostility or his opposition to Elijah Muhammed, who eventually succeeded Malcolm X as the head of Mosque Seven, who was reportedly in the Newark, New Jersey mosque at the time of Malcolm’s assassination. At least one of the convicted assassins has stated that the assassination of Malcolm was planned at the Newark mosque and some of the people convicted were security people from the Newark mosque.

Louis Farakhan broke away from Wallace Muhammed and set up his own organization, the Nation of Islam, which he is the head of to this day. He then reinstated the prohibition on black-white political cooperation, which was one of the things Malcolm X broke with Elijah Muhammed over, he reinstated the preposterous tenet that the white race was created by in a laboratory by a mad scientist named Yakob (sp), another of the things that Malcolm X opposed. And apparently, the opposition on the part of Farakhan and his organization to black-white political cooperation did not apply to cooperation between himself and his organization and a doctrinaire white supremacist like Tom Metzger and Robert Miles. Make of that what you will.

It is worth noting too that Louis Farakhan has been very active inpromoting dissension in the progressive political community. He has achieved a lot of publicity in connection with some of his statements about Jews and Judaism. Traditionally, blacks and Jews have been two of the pillars of the progressive political community in the United States. There is now a great deal of friction
between them, although some of that undoubtedly applies to Israeli support for, or is justified by and stems from, Israeli support for South Africa. At the same time, I suspect that a lot of that is being actively promoted by the forces of reaction in this country, who would like nothing better than to see blacks and Jews going after one another, because divide and conquer is an old, tried and true tactic.

It is worth noting, too, just as there are questions concerning Louis Farakhan and his succession of Malcolm X, and it is interesting that it was not Wallace Muhammed who revised the Nation of Islam, and reformed it along the lines advocated by Malcolm X, but it is Lewis Farakhan, who again called for the Malcolm X’s death, and who then broke from Wallace Muhammed when he put into effect reforms advocated my Malcolm, he is now the individual who wears Malcolm X’s mantle. He also is an individual who has been actively collaborating with some of the white-supremacist elements that Malcolm had devoted his life to working against.


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