Nov 2nd Blackout and American Gangsta – Discussion

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Nov 2nd Blackout and American Gangsta – Discussion

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From: Ruffmic & FreedomWriter are Precise Science
Date: 27 Oct 2007, 16:22

i saw this min-debate and it sparked a conversation with my inner self that i’d like to share with whomever is interested… i pride myself on the ability to see all sides of conflicts and in helping the involved parties with said vision… in this debate – both sides seem inherently concerned with our well being as a people and inherently flawed at the same time.

The argument is this: In this Nov 1st-3rd called boycott of (what exactly i’m not certain) non-Afrikan or anti-Afrikan commercial entities, why should we not support Denzel’s American Gangsta premiere?

The points made cover this not being Denzels film… Denzels work going down the drain… we support italian gangsta films why not black gangsta films… and why not wait until after the boycott period to go see it.

The viewpoints stated above are precisely the reason why the called boycott holds no power and will exact not one iota of change; we are far too nearsighted. If I may call your attention to the obvious:

1. Denzel gets paid no matter how many of us show up at the theater on opening weekend – his track record speaks for itself and his income is no longer tied to ticket sales

2. This ain’t HIS MOVIE, its a jewvie and Blacks are the largest supporters of this industry and the least benefited by it

3. A boycott that lasts two to three days with no specific targets or demands is useless. Lest we forget the Montgomery bus boycott took cooperation of the community and a strong show of solidarity against a single bus company and lasted for 380+ days… yes, that’s right a year plus! Than they were ready to hear our demands… three days, and they know we coming back to give them our money anyway?

It won’t even show up as a bad week for the store/business/industry in the grand economic scheme of things.

People, we have to first realize the power we possess… secondly, we must be prepared to sacrifice comforts and conveniences for a greater good… thirdly, we must stress the importance of solidarity on specific issues with our loved ones and those who respect our opinions. Many of you who read this far are “THE ONES” in your household, families, neighborhoods and communities… use that power for our freedom and prosperity, convince them to listen, to participate and to follow thru.

I for one will participate in the Nov 2 blackout and have no problem withholding my likkle federal reserve notes in a show of unity. However, if I just turn around and give all the companies my money the next day, did I really make any kind of statement. I only hope that this is the beginning of something larger and it has to start somewhere. I say we come up with a list of companies to boycott and we hold out as long as we possibly can in giving them anything… or maybe we do one company at a time and add a new one every month so they start to feel it… we have picket lines once or twice a week to increase the awareness and support… then when the companies bottom line takes a serious shift in the red, we have some leverage to make demands – or maybe we just keep it up until we shut ’em down! Now that’s black power – fuck these gangstas who have to exploit our people to get theirs.

From: National BlackOut Day – Nov 2nd
Date: Oct 26, 2007 9:19 PM

People Have to learn to pay attention. No one is boycotting “Denzel’s Movie” – It’s not his movie anyway, he just happens to play in it…LOL LOL

Just some more non-sensical gangsterism anyway, and we wonder why are children are following in their footsteps..

But anyway…

There is a National Blackout Day on Nov. 2nd!
Get all the facts…

Then Research National Black Solidarity Day! to find out what that is all about. Then Research the term, “A Day of Absence” and find out what that is all about…

None of this has anything to do with “American Gangsta” except that is just so happens that it comes out on The day of The National Blackout!

The white man in his infinite wisdom has conveniently had the movie come out on the same day!

Pay Attention!

And why do want to glorify competing in the world of crime. That’s absolutely stupid…

Ignorance means a lack of knowledge and with all due respect, you totally lack the knowledge of what this day is all about. It has nothing to do with boycotting a movie…

Go see it on the 3rd…

Wake up and pay attention Black People!

It’s a BlackOut not a Boycott!

—————– Original Message —————–
Date: Oct 26, 2007 7:55 PM

It is typical that black people would try to boycott a movie that is based on true events and put the spotlight on the fact that black people can compete in any arena in this Great America. Somehow I am not surprised that once again the black population has allowed the ignorance of failure to succeed even among one of their “in our community” ICON. Do you think that a successful Boycott of Denzel’s movie can actually make a positive difference whether it be race relations or poverty. Have we lost the ability to think and comprehend. We are mentally enslaved and that is exactly what you will accomplish with a boycott. it will be more money for the next box office hit and Denzels hard work would be pushed under the rug. Wake up, you want to boycott find some white owned business and boycott them. Italian Gangsta movie became classic, Irish gansta became classic and black gansgta is boycotted by black. The ignorance.

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