Murder In Gwinnett "Somebody Is Lying"

Somebody is lying

A former Sheriff’s deputy who blamed a Taser stun gun manufacturer in the death of Deacon Frederick Williams, a Gwinnett County inmate, amended his claim that the manufacturer’s intentionally mislead law enforcement with their marketing and training tools. In the initial cross claim, lawyers for former Sheriff’s deputy Michael Mustachio said Taser International misrepresented its product as being safe and used biased scientific studies to demonstrate its effectiveness. The amendment filed last Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia in Atlanta sought to omit those damning statements. Mustachio’s lawyers still maintain that Taser International – not Mustachio – should be held liable if a judge decides 31-year-old Frederick Jerome Williams died because he was stunned with a Taser. Following Williams’ death on May 27, 2004, his widow, Yanga Williams, sued Gwinnett County, the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Butch Conway and six deputies for wrongful death. Mustachio’s attorney, Terry Williams said, “we still dispute whether the Taser caused this death. We don’t have any specific evidence at this point that necessarily says Taser is responsible to the plaintiff for this death, but in the event that information wasn’t passed along to law enforcement we want to pursue our right to have Taser held liable.” Frederick Jerome Williams, 31, a Liberian native who lived in Lawrenceville, died of brain damage from a heart attack after the altercation in May, according to the final autopsy report in the case.

Somebody is lying.

“Are we supposed to believe that a healthy 31-year-old Black man who was athletic, who did not drink or do drugs, who had no history of heart problems, somehow died of a unprovoked heart attack?” Well he could have very well had a massive heart attack, as electrical shocks in an otherwise healthy heart individual will cause the normal electrical rhythm of the heart to go haywire. We call it ventricular fibrillation and it results in instant death. But the mainstream medical research, “in independent reviews”, supports the industry’s claims of non-lethality of these tasers, despite numerous deaths where they have been implicated. In fact, the manufactures instructions and disclaimers often warn of possible fatalities. So why would the medical examiner say the death was taser unrelated even if Deacon Williams did have a massive heart attack. Amnesty International USA, which has done a study on Taser use, has counted 250 cases in which people died after being stunned with a Taser.

Somebody is lying.


The name Taser is an acronym for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle”. Arizona inventor Jack Cover designed it in 1969; naming it for the science fiction teenage inventor and adventurer character Tom Swift. This electroshock weapon, marketed as an alternative to lethal force, is used by modern day police / jailers and is said to only be an incapacitant weapon used for subduing a person by administering electric shock that may disrupt superficial muscle and nerve functions. Similar to the basic design of a cattle prod. By the way, it was not uncommon for racist to use electric cattle prods on us during the civil rights era. The weapons fire small dart-like electrodes with attached metal wires that connect to the gun, propelled by small gas charges similar to some air rifle propellants. The maximum range is up to 10 meters (30 feet). Earlier models of Taser needed the dart-like electrodes to embed in the skin and superficial muscle tissues layers; newer versions of the projectiles use a shaped pulse/arc of electricity which disrupt nerve and muscle function without needing the metal prongs on the projectile to penetrate the skin.

Somebody is lying

Five shocks to the chest with a Taser gun did not cause the death of a man injured in a scuffle with sheriff’s deputies, a medical examiner’s report concluded Wednesday. Frederick Jerome Williams, 31, a Liberian native who lived in Lawrenceville, died of brain damage from a heart attack after the altercation in May, according to the final autopsy report in the case. But investigators at the Gwinnett County medical examiner’s office were not able to determine what caused Williams’ heart attack, according to the report. “The cause of death is brain damage — lack of oxygen and/or blood to the brain — due to a heart attack of uncertain etiology [unknown reasons],” said Forensic Investigator Ted Bailey. “There is no evidence the Taser directly caused or contributed to his death.” Williams was the second Gwinnett inmate in eight months to die after being shocked with a stun gun in a scuffle with deputies. Members of Williams’ family were disappointed by the autopsy report, said Melvin Johnson, the family’s attorney.”Four children ages 1 to 9 are left without a daddy and all they can say is they don’t know how he died,” said Johnson. Johnson said it is hard to believe Williams’ death “had nothing to do with him being hog-tied and shocked five times with a Taser and placed in a restraint chair.” Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway said “I’ve looked into the Taser as deeply as I can and I don’t think it can cause death.”

Oops, wait a minute I was wrong, everybody is lying…the deputy, the sheriff, the taser industry, the medical examiner–just another big white world terror domination lie.

RBG Street Scholar
10/05/07 10:00 PM EST


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