Do I not feel the pain cuz I drive a Benz? "But How Will I Whip My Ass"

I like this post too much to let it get lost in the shuffle. So I’m reposting it here. Also I been trying to figure out how to get my “Where’s My Dog-Don’t Sell Out” video in…You should be able to overstand and feel it more now since you have gotten into the school / details of the images. What is most about the post however, is that “it expresses and brings the purpose the college’s together so nicely”.

Until we manufacture a benz, a scooter, bike, roll of toilet paper or a tooth pick we should all feel the pain–because we have no economic power (the bases of political power) as a collective due to our not manufacturing anything. But, like Malcolm say “when the dentist injects Novocaine prior to pulling your tooth you feel no pain–you suffer peacefully.”
For the most part (9 cases out of 10) Black folk you see driving a Benz or whatever 50k and up car may have money, but no wealth / appreciating value. Certainly we all like nice things and we should because you only live this side of life once. But the problem of us just consuming and not producing is a psychological one /a slave mentality…from the “conscious folk on down”
Its like in Roots when Chicken George got a long coat and top hat he thought he had arrived because he looked just like master. Historically they (yt) were socio-materially superior to us because we were the slaves and they were the masters. So we allowed this master-slave dialectic to trick our minds into believing that if we could get more material we could be equal / validated by him…As if that ever had anything to do with getting free. Well we got all kinds of negros today with all kinds of white man trinkets, but are we equal / are we free? Of course not and that is because we are still powerless as a people. No body needs us for shit but to consume. Why, because we don’t produce anything-but jobs for other people.
So if you drive a benz I don’t expect you to feel any pain because it’s Novocaine. But while you’re driving your Benz ask yourself this–“if the white man stop producing toilet paper tomorrow, how would I wipe my ass ?” I guess wit your benz, and feel no pain.

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