She has the largest number of You Tube Subscribers of any New Afrikan

She has the largest number of
You Tube Subscribers of any New Afrikan


This is a You Tube message I got from this Sista today out of the clear blue:

Wassup RBG, I’m not sure if I emailed you or not in the past, if not I am Goddess Glory, from Chicago. I really, really need your help with something and I hope you will find the time to do so.

I am working on a manifesto or a declaration on what I think needs to happen for the advancement of Black people and every other group of oppressed people, which includes dropping out of the system, becoming conscious consumers and not buying from major corporations, changing our eating habits, becoming vegetarian, open our own school and educate our children ourselves, taking back out culture buy 100% controlling our own image in media and music and becoming open minded about our role in humanity. Blacks have over $700,000,000,000 in buying power. That is more than enough to up lift us and begin a new foundation, the problem is that we are giving this money to the very people who are killing us. SO the finger can’t be pointed strictly at white people, Black people need to hip to this idea, have a sense of sacrifice and community.

I know that you for one are against the white race, and you may see white people as the enemy, and I don’t. I think what we are battling isn’t just race but the dark side of humanity which happens to be majority white people, not because of their skin color or DNA but because of their history, advancement and ignorance, I think that what has happened throughout human history was sort of inevitable and them has come from us to overcome and learn from history.

I would love to you to send me a small email, a quick email in why you think that the white race is the problem, how and why they are naturally evil and what we must do to stop them. I need your point of view because in a way my view opposes yours, not to say that you are wrong but I don’t believe in violence, the extermination of a particular group of people, or that a specific group of people being genetically evil. I would really like to know your mindset.

I know that if you look at some of my videos, you may not agree with who I am and how I express myself. I’ve been called a mammy, coon, uncle tom and all of that bullshit and I’m far from one. I truly don’t understand high siddity Black folks who feel the need to hate, disrespect and tear down other Blacks especially when they call themselves Afrocentric or “conscious”. Hate amongst your own creates instability, no unity and this is the reason we can’t move forward. What I need you to know and understand is your struggle is my struggle and I really would like you to hear me out and help me out because we are most definitely running out of time and we can’t wait one more day romanticizing what it would be like to be free.

You don’t have to get back at me if you don’t want to, but it will help me out. When I’m finished with my manifesto I will most definitely email you so that you can check it out because I think it’s something that we should look into.


My Response:

You are very clearly an extremely bright sista and certainly I will help; but sometimes we have to be careful what we ask for. Here’s how I think your best help will come–Join Assata’s Forums and when you do PM me to let me know you’re on board. Then I want to post this letter with your videos for the community and myself to respond to; as will as responding to your most powerful plan.
Just google assata’s forms/I’m RBG Street Scholar.

Luv you/1

Her Back to Me:

Thanks so much for getting to me, I really, really appreciate it. I’ll check out the forum, I need to, because I need to know what else people who look like me have to say about us going somewhere. It’s really apparent that “the end is near” and we have to do something about it. We need to understand is people of African Descent rise out of oppression and poverty we will cure 90% of world poverty, hunger and violence. It will cure global wars, it would nurse this planet back to health and humanity can as a whole can evolve into conscious society. We not only have to rise for our sake, but the whole of humanity. The time is now brother, we have to take this, demand this, do this.

I’ll check you later.


Here’s her Film Work /Click menu to see related:


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