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Text From: Dbrad
Date: Oct 11, 2007 3:52 PM

I have a plan, I tried it once and it worked for me. It’s called BOYCOTT WHITE PEOPLE DAY.

I know it sounds radical, I know how some of you black folks just love your little white friends but think on it for a sec before you stop reading. Just hear me out. This is about balance as a whole. When a black of substance messes up, somehow all black people are held responsible or black hold themselves responsible. Its black talk show material, round tables discussion, etc. etc. Let a black person on the job screw up and pretty much every other black person feels extra pressure. Let a black person get a position that normally goes to whites and somehow that black person is representing all of “us”. Black america is quick to hold themselves accountable for whatever another black person does that’s negative. Why not hold white america to the same standard? Look how Mike Vick is percieved over some damn dogs. Yeah, I know he was wrong but the whole thing was taken out of perspective and black folks know it! We took responsibility when old ass Don Imus used hip hop for why he said what he said. This man is clearly in his 70’s, he lived thru the civil rights era and should not be influenced by what youngsters are doing and saying. But black america somehow turned on themselves and turned on hip hop, not Don Imus. Now he’s about to be back on air. Knowing the history of this country and blacks, whites and racism, shouldnt’ it be an embarrassment to the average white person when Jena 6(Gena-sis: the start of some shit) and the incident with the noose at Columbia university, the kids in Pennsylvania calling themselves ‘rednecks row” and causing problems….shouldnt all of this make the average white person feel ashamed and sorrowful? No, it doesnt. Just because these people steal, excuse me, share your culture, use slang and diddy bop around now doesnt mean they care about you. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. White america en masse has been silent about this. Why should majority blacks have been protesting about Jena 6? There should have been way more whites protesting, but there werent. And please dont tell me about the few that might have come or Bono giving money because it’s a bogus argument. Why not hold white america to the same standard you hold yourselves? How come white professionals arent knocking down the doors to get on “Tavis Smiley” or BET to profess their innocence and how come CNN hasnt held a town hall meeting about how white america cant seem to get themselves together enough to stop being racist or stop supporting a racist system? It’s obvious that this generation of blacks arent the same as the ones before us and are not going to fight or even threaten to whip ass. Which is probably a good thing because all a race riot would do is allow martial law to take place. It’s beyond obvious that the little marches and protests have done and mean nothing to those that perpetrate racial crimes. So why not try something a little different like: BOYCOTT WHITE PEOPLE DAY!!

I did this around Hurrican Katrina and trust me it aint that hard and it works! I spoke business, and was cordial. But I held no social conversation, did not eat lunch with or engage in anything other than what I needed to. And this was all the while working in the CBS building in NYC which houses BET. Before the end of the week, one of the white female accountants for BET, someone whom I was actually cool with confronted me with two black female colleagues and tears in her eyes. She wanted to know why I stopped speaking to her. I explained that until I see regular white people as affected by obvious racial bullshit as black people then we cannot and will not be friends. All of the policy makers look like her, all of the racists look like her yet the average white person seems oblivious until it happens to them. See 9/11 white folks just couldnt understand how someone could do something to them just because they were different…oh really? I can, black folks can, all ethnics can imagine that….but white people couldnt. Then one of the black girls had the audacity to tell me I was wrong and being part of the problem. I made memo to self “this bitch is a coon”, and yes I called her a bitch in my head cuz I’m her “brotha” and she couldnt even attempt to see my logic. But the other “sister’ said although she didnt agree, she understood and would have trouble telling me I was wrong. Not that I gave a damn cuz I didnt and never have cared what people thought, especially white people (I also had a white best friend growing up and he knew I gave a damn what he or his family thougt. I guess thats what made that friendship so damn special). All the white woman could do was walk away in tears, but the next week when the punishment was over…..I spoke again. I also noticed a change in her behavior for the better because after that she was way more in tune with things outside her surroundings. It’s really not that hard at all, you just have to break yourself from the mentality that somehow you HAVE TO deal with and speak with white people when in fact it is the opposite.

I know, I know, I may sound cold and harsh but maybe if the average white person felt a backlash other than anger from black folks. They would all think about it the next time something like what’s happening happens. If those “good” white folks really care, they’d get pissed at the whites making them look bad and demand this nonsense to stop because they will get tired of losing all their black friends because of the stupidity of racists whites living in a racist system….

It’s just a thought…….well in reality an action because I do this any time I feel the need. I also stop speaking to blacks that dont have the balls to stand for a cause so I guess it really isnt just about white america….I guess….


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