RBG Presents "Crash: The Coming Financial Collapse Of America"


My take on this film: Very informative. However, when you cut through all the smoke and mirrors all it’s saying is that ” American monopoly capitalism is a sinking ship”. The video below is demonstrable of a capitalist class war between middle class white America and it’s elite 10% /the upper middle class . The 10% that command 90% of the wealth have run the country into a predictable downward spiral from which there is no return. Now all these “God fearing” right wing Christian preachers can do is blame social programs (implicating poor Black folk when it’s really their white supremacy greed and immorality)-notice that the only time in the whole film that they show Black people is in front of a liquor store or rioting. Than at the end of the film they talk all that Christian giving B.S.

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The bottom line truth of the matter is this, the mode of production of a capitalist system is profit before people…They made their now they gotta to lay in it.The system is designed to squeeze more and more out of the dollar by exploiting the people’s labor; that is the nature of the beast. So they take the work abroad leaving you and me as an underclass (unemployed) destine for death, disease and prison. Create more wars to take the money out of our pockets and put it back in theirs. If you look at the job history of federal government officials and corporate America you will notice that they are the same people. They use the police/military to protect their stealing from us. Knowing that the people will resist and what is about to come (the second American Revolution) the police state is in full effect. Most of the people are the hard working and just trying to make ends meet (the working poor). And most “middle class” Black people are two paychecks from being homeless. The monopoly capitalist /global elite control all the means of production. However, they do no work; rather they travel the world over to take other peoples natural resources/raw materials and make you and me produce that raw material into a final product for slave wages and then, through their mass media advertisement, put us under a consumer hypnosis. Thus, they sell the same product that we produced back to us at astronomical prices/and most of the time its some shit we didn’t need it anyway. Think about it, in this film who is it that they are talking is owed most of this interest and principle? It’s the international bankers/ the ones who run the Federal Reserve Bank/the Illuminati/ NWO /Skull and Bones Kill Committee, ie the global elite terrorist. A big ponzi scheme.

Crash: The Coming Financial Collapse Of America

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Government debt (also known as public debt or national debt) is money (or credit) owed by any level of government; either central government, federal government, municipal government or local government.

As the government represents the people, government debt can be seen as an indirect debt of the taxpayers.

Government debt can be categorized as internal debt, owed to lenders within the country, and external debt, owed to foreign lenders. Governments usually borrow by issuing securities such as government bonds and bills. Less credit worthy countries sometimes borrow directly from commercial banks or supranational institutions. Some consider all government liabilities, including future pension payments and payments for goods and services the government has contracted for but not yet paid, as government debt.

Another common division of government debt is by duration. Short term debt is generally considered to be one year or less, long term is more than ten years. Medium term debt falls between these two boundaries…Learn More

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