The Digital Divide in A World of Information and Globalization

I present this lesson to make a simple point – the digital divide is the development divide. Not only is that underdevelopment most dramatically manifested in sub-Shara Africa, but even more frightening to me is what I see in my own community. Those without access and training (our youth and children) can’t participate in the opportunities ICT might bring; whether economic, social, political or academic.
If we in the “Nationalist-PanAfrikanist” fold don’t began to take responsibility for planning, developing and implementing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) programs and projects for our people, who will?
RBG Street Scholars Think Tank has such a plan, but requires cooperation to move forward.

A World of Information

The University of Hawaii investigates the world of information, communications, the media, and technology; and its effects on society and culture through interviews with scholars, United Nations officials, media critics and TV news professionals. Subjects tackled include the battle over media ownership; the controversy over international copyright law; the state of American journalism; and the media’s impact on culture. – ResearchChannel is a nonprofit media and technology organization that connects a global audience with the research and academic institutions whose developments, insights and discoveries affect our lives and futures.

Link to the video/embedding not available
However if you are using snap preview,
as I have suggested, you may view the video here:

A World of Information


Having said that, consider this:



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