RBG Presents "Freedom’s Journal" COMPLETION


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Here is a Bio and some info about the album, Freedom’s Journal, as well as the download link.. the link includes album cover, insert and credits, etc. I don’t mean to spam the boards like this but, This is Good Black Music and it’s FREE so give it a listen! Please give feedback no matter good or bad it will be gladly appreciated. Salute!


“Freedom’s Journal” which was established in NY by Samuel E. Cornish & John B. Russwurm in 1827-1829. The name of this collective is “COMPLETION” which is a Hip-Hop group that consist of two members, Trance The MC & Mr. Emphatic! This group displays a wide range of vocabulary concepts accompanied by a politically charged analysis of the Black experience, complimented by a solid array of beats and rhymes. These two wordsmiths do not have a problem w/waving the flag of the conscious rapper as they aspiss. With a true respect for the art form, Completion stands firm in maintaining their artistic integrity while promoting hip-hop’s ability to educate as well as entertain. Angela Y. Davis was quoted in the Essence Magazine as saying, Music can be utilized as a vehicle of consciousness. This statement soundly exemplifies Completion.

Tracklisting for FREEDOM’S JOURNAL:

1 Acknowledgement (Intro)
2 We’re On Our Way (Ft. Darien Brockington)
3 Certified
4 We Got It!/Lets Ride
5 What Do You Stand For?
6 Game Plan (First Installment)
7 The Proposal
8 Under Pressure
9 Rock To The Rhythm (Don’t Stop!)
10 Warrior’s Code (Ft. True Allah & O.G. DASU)
11 One Night
12 I Wanna Get To Know You (Stand & Deliver)
13 The Ambiance (Ft. Karim Shabazz)/Don’t Make Me Wait
14 The Appreciation Tour (of Duty)
15 Ride Or Die Chick
16 So Beautiful (Warrior Queens Anthem)
17 Freedom’s Journal: 2nd Journal Entry (Ft. True Allah)
18 Acknowledgement (Outro)
19 Days Of Our Lives (In These Times)

All songs produced by Illmind except, “Acknowledgement” & “Game Plan (First Installment)” Produced by Algorythm for algorythmatic productions, “The Ambiance” Produced by Zo! for Chapter 3hree Verse 5ive Music LLC & “Lets Ride” Produced by Best 21 for Piql’d Beats



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