BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters


BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

From: RBG Street Scholar Blog
RBG On Police Brutality-Police State

Communities United Against Police Brutality

1) If you are being arrested, try your best to remain calm. Do not make sudden movements or pull back. If not handcuffed, keep your hands visible and away from pockets. State clearly and repeatedly “I am not resisting arrest.”

2) Do your best to get police officer names, badge numbers, and squad car numbers. If necessary, shout them out and have someone else write them down. If anyone is ticketed or arrested, at least some of this info will be on the ticket and/or police report.

3) Get names and phone numbers of all witnesses.

4) If you are injured, get health care right away. State to the caregiver that your injuries were caused by police and be certain that it is noted in your medical record. Take a copy of your medical record with you when you leave the health care facility.

5) Have your injuries photographed immediately, using good quality color film. If a health care facility takes pictures, take a copy of the pictures with you or, better yet, have them take pictures with your camera and take it with you when you leave.

6) Sit down right away and write down every detail about your incident. Call and ask all witnesses to do the same. Collect the statements from the witnesses.

7) If your incident involves anything more than police officer rudeness, see a lawyer before reporting to Civilian Review Authority or Internal Affairs Division. Do not share any evidence such as videotapes or witness statements with CRA or IAD without advice of a lawyer.

8) As soon after the incident as possible, go to the police department and request copies of all police reports. Someone with CUAPB can go with you to the police department.


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