” Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism At Home and Abroad”: A Historical Look at the Afrikan Independence Movement / Struggle

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“In The Motherland-Afrika”

Afrikan Independence Movements


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The All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) is one of the many organizations working to liberate African people (all people of African descent are Africans and belong to the African Nation) from immeasurable suffering, exploitation, and oppression. At this stage of our struggle our primary task is to reclaim the minds of our scattered and struggling masses. Centuries of indoctrination and mis-education by exploitative societies led by the U.S. and western Europe and their reactionary ideas have produced and perpetuated literate, but politically ignorant generations of African youth.Far too many African students have been brainwashed into accepting the commercial lifestyles, attitudes, and interests fed to us by the capitalist controlled media. As a result, we view the world through the eyes of our oppressors, accepting our oppression and exploitation as the natural order of things. We stand as victims of a psychological war — a war aimed at keeping us divided, politically ignorant, and disorganized. This attack on our mentalities has reduced us to the level of the animal by robbing us of our humanity — equating human worth to simple exchange value and drowning human consciousness in the icy waters of naked self-interest.If we are to reclaim our humanity, reassert our dignity, and develop a new Revolutionary African Personality we must first revolutionize our way of thinking. We must have a body of connected ideas that can direct our actions towards the redemption of our land, Africa, and the liberation of our people, Africans. A new revolutionary ideology is therefore necessary.


An ideology is a set of connected ideas, principles, and philosophical statements that seek to unite the thoughts and actions of the whole society in order to reach precise objectives. These objectives are always either to maintain, or develop the domination of society by the ruling/dominant class or to transform the society thereby changing the ruling class from the anti-peoples class to the peoples class. Each ruling class in society uses the institutions and organizations to direct the collective energies of the people at the achievement of the aims set by the ideology. Fraternities, political parties, churches, the news media, the internet etc. are all instruments of society towards this end. Educational institutions are among the primary tools used by society to inject its principles into each successive generation.By injecting its values, principles, and ethics into the culture of the people, an ideology seeks to affect every member of society. It is in this way that the ideology sets the prevailing attitudes, morals, ethics, and acceptable range of behavior for society.


Each and every one of us is influenced by the dominant ideology, which is the ideology of capitalism / imperialism and racism. Many Africans unconsciously accept the ideology of the ruling class without questioning. We take our enemies ideology as our own and are thus manipulated into working in the interest of the capitalist who exploit our labor and rob us of our resources. Only the strong survive,its a dog eat dog world Ill do anything for money, individualism, elitism, egotism, and living to get over are all examples of capitalist bourgeois ideology. The aim of this ideology is to increase the profits accumulated and controlled by a small segment of the population at the expense of the masses of the people. Bourgeois ideology is a reactionary ideology because it seeks to keep the status quo, i.e., the domination of the ruling, rich, capitalist class, at the expense of the people.In capitalist society, universities and colleges reinforce the status quo by turning the youth of society into mis-educated defenders of its reactionary ideology. In this way the University of Liberia, University of the West Indies, Howard University, Oxford University and countless other bourgeois educational institutions transform our youth into the unwitting tools of the exploiters of the masses of the people. For these reasons, the ideology of our youth must be transformed.The A-APRP, armed with its revolutionary ideology, Nkrumah-Tureism, is struggling to spark this ideological transformation of our student sector. We encourage all politically conscious and responsible students to help us transform other students by introducing them to a new and positive way of thinking and behaving. Our aim is to inject Nkrumah-Tureism into the culture of our students worldwide furthering the growth and development of Africas emerging revolutionary intelligentsia. As students, it is your responsibility to help. You must either choose to join the struggle to uplift our suffering people, or remain the accomplices of the capitalist system. Students must be in service of the Peoples class or else serve the Anti-Peoples class which is responsible for enslaving and scattering us throughout the world, exploiting the resources of our land, Africa, and the labor of Africans everywhere.If you are not prepared to fulfill this historic responsibility, then you must be prepared to be permanently enslaved because, capitalism is but the gentleman’s method of slavery. With this understanding, it becomes clear that all people reach a period in their history when they must organize themselves, take their destiny in their own hands and from the sweat of their brow build a nation to fulfill their needs. This period in our history has arrived.

Kwame Nkrumah & Ghana’s 50th Celebration of Independence Pt 1

Kwame Nkrumah & Ghana’s 50th Celebration of Independence Pt 2

Nkrumah-Tureism: The Ideology for African People.

We seek to build a socialist society capable of meeting our peoples needs. A new revolutionary ideology is therefore, required to provide scientific direction and guidance to our nation building activities. Nkrumah-Tureism is such an ideology. Nkrumah-Tureism takes its name from the consistent principles and practices of Kwame Nkrumah, former president of Ghana and Ahmed Seku Ture, former president of Guinea. These principles are recorded in their speeches, writings, and actions from their revolutionary work. It cannot however be considered as the creation of Nkrumah and Ture alone. In a full sense it is the sum total of centuries of knowledge accumulated in the struggle to liberate African people from the restrictions of nature and from the exploitation of man by man.Nkrumah-Tureism in-corporates all of the positive ideas that have been produced in the struggle for human development in Africa and the world. Nkrumah-Tureism is the only correct ideology for the total transformation of Africa and through this process contributes to the transformation of the world. This transformation will occur as part of the process in achieving our objective, which is Pan-Africanism. Pan-Africanism is the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.The principles of Nkrumah-Tureism endorses the view that the collective is greater than the individual, and that each person is an end in themselves and not merely a means to someone elses end.

Nkrumah-Tureism properly synthesizes the three component parts of existing African society.

They are:

1. The traditional way of life (before outside influences)

2. The Islamic/Arab influence (beginning in the 7th century), and

3. The European/Christian influence, which marks the invasion and domination of western European culture and religion (beginning the 15th century) into the African Nation using slavery, colonialism, settler and neo-colonialism and racism as its primary vehicles.

These different parts or segments of the African Nation are based on often competing and conflicting ideologies. Nkrumah-Tureism comes to synthesize these ideologies using the positive aspects of each, to unite our nation into one dynamic whole. Nkrumah-Tureism is not necessarily atheistic, for religion is an integral part of the culture of our people. Africans are among the most religious people in the world, and to ignore it would be a critical mistake. In order for our understanding of religion to increase our ability to organize our people it must be understood such that both the positive and negative aspects of religion are revealed. Such an analysis will reveal that when religion is employed to help the forward march of the people, like it was employed by Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, thus contributing to justice and humanity, religion is positive. Conversely, when religion is used to halt, thwart, or misdirect our struggle, like some preachers do who mystify religion using it as a business and source of income, ripping off the people, it is a negative factor and must be corrected. The Nkrumah-Tureist worldview is based on the humanist principles that originate in traditional African society. It then proceeds to digest the positive aspects of our traditional, Arab/Islamic, and European/Christian experience for the harmonious development of our nation. In this way, Nkrumah-Tureism takes the conflicting forces within our society and integrates them into the new emerging Revolutionary African Personality.The humanist principles underlying traditional African society regards each human being as a being endowed with a certain inward dignity, integrity, and intrinsic value. This view upholds the basic equality of humanity. This is why there can be no question of African women being inferior. African women have shared common oppression with the men and like he, she has valiantly struggled to make a new life for our people while having to carry the added burden of sexist chauvinism, which took root with the development of class division. African women suffer from triple oppression; they are exploited because of their nationality, class and sex. African women are the most exploited in society and because of this fact the A-APRP has organized the All-African Womens Revolutionary Union (A-AWRU).

The A-AWRU is an internal wing of our Party, because it is only when women are properly organized, and armed with the revolutionary ideology of Nkrumah-Tureism, can they organize themselves to eliminate all aspects of women’s oppression.What is to be done?The first task of Nkrumah-Tureism is the political education and organization of the student sector of the African community. These students are Africas new men and women with the responsibility of arming Africas scattered and suffering masses with the knowledge and organization that they need to defeat our enemies and to reconstruct our African Nation. The Nkrumah-Tureist must be one that is more concerned about others than themselves. He/She must free themselves from the love of leisure, wealth, and personal prestige. These are men and women who have opted for the people and for genuine humanism. These militants are developing in the process of making revolution. They are those who know revolution as a consequence of their revolutionary practice and study.

We in the A-APRP are learning this new, positive, revolutionary way of thinking and living so that we can better serve and guide African people for the achievement of Pan-Africanism, the total liberation and unification of African under scientific socialism. We know that we must consciously guide our thoughts and actions according to Nkrumah-Tureism or succumb to the backward, corrupt, bourgeois thinking that dominates this capitalist society. We could not give a full and complete explanation of Nkrumah-Tureism in this brochure. A full and complete understanding of this revolutionary ideology can only come from a detailed scientific study of its animating principles and revolutionary history and activity. However each journey must begin with a single step. Take your first step. Join an A-APRP work/study circle.We are calling on all students to step forward and fulfill your responsibility to your people; learn the truth about your history, identity, and current problems, so that we can properly chart our peoples future.

Kwame Nkrumah Information and Resource Site.
This is the authoritative site in cyberspace on the life and times of Kwame Nkrumah,
foremost proponent of Pan-Africanism in the latter half of the 20th century.



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