Proper Knowledge Yields Freedom: A Civil Debate

QueenPearl9 said…

Dear RBG Street Scholar, your agreement with the observations of a white man who described black people are selfish, ignorant, and greedy merits serious contemplation as all of humanity is guilty of these faults. What we should all be asking is why are these very human characteristics be such an impediment to progress when it comes to Black people. Greed, ignorance, and selfishness has not served as an impediment for anyone else.
I no longer use such statements as “black on black” crime because a general observation of crime in general will reveal that there is “white on white” crime, “Latino on Latino crime”, “Asian on Asian crime” etc. Although our society is diverse, it is still very much polarized and people live and associate with members of their own group for the most part. the statistics on murder committed in the usa reveal that most people know the person who killed them.
if we are slaves because of our human characteristics of greed, selfishness, and ignorance are we saying that other groups of people are exempt from such characteristics? are we saying that they are morally stronger than us? black people are suffering from slavery of yesteryear and from “Jim crow” of yesteryear which has obviously had a traumatizing affect. It is important to always remember that slavery and Jim Crow were enforced through law and thus, our oppression was legal, something that many people forget when these topics are being addressed.
black men are only group of men who dare not run down the street for any reason because of fear of apprehension from the police whether he has a criminal record or not, whether he committed a crime or not. are black men the only men committing crime in America?
we kill ourselves everyday by internalizing that we are somehow inferior, by thinking that only we suffer from social ills. I would love to see how other groups would fare if they went through the trials and tribulations of the African American.

RBGStreetScholar said…


Hi QueenPearl9, thank you for the intelligent and passionate comment…and most of all thank you for the respectful tone you bring with your different views.

Despite the wealth of solid information presented within this page / course alone, I am nonetheless not surprised that you would not agree. But if you are a true seeker of the full page and follow some links before you take your final position on this most important topic-“THEY ARE STILL OUR SLAVES”.
The long answer as to why I / we hold the position that we (Afrikans in Amerikkka) are still slaves is articulated in the body of the communiversity’s content quite well I think …Ones cumulative overstanding of content once they spend some quality time with it. …For those who choice to pick one lil thing out of the larger picture and formulate an ill informed position, here’s the short version of my / our reasoning:
The idea that we are still slaves is not merely my observation, it is a well documented fact, researched , written about and struggled against by many more learned then I for the past 100 + years ( post emancipation proclamation). All one needs to do is look at the data / indices of “well being” during chattel slavery times and compare that data to our condition as a group today. All qualifiers included, the masses of our people are even worst off today then during those times:
RBG Street Scholars Think Tank “State of Black America”
Its just that your “education” does not view these things as of primary importance, RBG does.

That is much of what we do here ( look at problems & offer solutions). But people see what they want to see and read what they want to read, more frequently the not, with a total disregard for all facts. Everything I put on the more than 20 websites / 5,000 learning objects-media assets is well documented by the most respected and scholarly sources (Afrikan scholars, educators, psychologists, historians, sociologists, personologists, elders, ancestors etc…are our professors).
Fact, selfish, ignorant, and greedy are not Afrikan peoples original way.You can’t explain away how these things keep us enslaved by saying “other people manifest them also”, because every other people has a history that is quite different from ours.
In order to come up with the correct perspective you have to put what a people does in its proper historical context.
No one else has our history…
DeAfrikanized culturally ie., we lost our land, language, religion, God, folkways, mores and power of our own being.
DeHumanized in the eyes of the rest of the world as to justify the slavery, rape and murder.
Inferiortized in our own mind and spirit to hate our self.
These things took place systematically over the course of hundreds of years…And you dare say that we should be bunched in with others who have these flaws–WRONG.
Please see and read:

If you study the school closely you will find that selfish, ignorant, and greedy are the ways of a European conceptual framework, ie. white supremacy. There is no separation between the past, present and future–based on our history we can’t afford to do what others do, epically our former slavemaster.

Let’s look at an illustration:
Afrikan & Traditional Afrikan American Family Worldview / Definitional System / Conceptual Framework vs The European’s:
>we, ours, us–not I, me, mines
>cooperative–not competitive
>groupness–not oneness
>spiritual-not material
>man & women were a complimentary dualism–not man vs women
>man in harmony with nature–not man vs nature
>peace and harmony–not greed and violence…and I can go on and on.

The main take home point here QueenPearl9 is we are other than our self / controlled by anothers way–that’s a slave sista and the primary cause of 99.9% of current intergroup problems.

For example, if you look at the characteristics to the right in the above illustration you don’t know if I’m talking about the dope game on the corner or corporate America–because the dope game as it is played out in every ghetto/barrio is merely a microcosm of the corporate American ethos.

Finally, on a most fundamental level, any people who don’t provide food, clothing, shelter, energy, education, protection and recreation (to name a few) for themselves are slaves to those who provide those things to them. Just look at all that I present in this school. Ask yourself, are the things RBG Street Scholar presents important for Black people to think about ? Once you answer yes, ask yourself this, are they taught in such a comprehensive manner in K-12, college, graduate school?–hell no. Why
BECAUSE WE ARE STILL SLAVES and slaves must stay ignorant of self. In other words its still against the rules for us to educate ourselves. Its still against the rules for us to defend, define and development in our own image and interest. And the main culprits today in this self-alienation process is us; because of the brainwashing of white supremacy/racism (socio-structural, institutional and interpersonal)…I mean, it use to be against the white man’s law and rule for us to read and many were lashed and kill for trying to do so; but today you have to lash us to make us read. This is called intropression: When the opressed are subject to oppression as long as us we internalize the oppressor and thus do to ourselves what the oppressor once did..THAT IS A SLAVE.
Take the time to read the Willie Lynch Letter above with close attention. Its saying the same thing.




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