RBG’z Black Seeds Keep On Growing: Meet WordSimth Jones

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This young brutha iz absolutely on point and a true inspiration to myself and the communiversity. His work as an EduTainer iz 5 star up all day. A spoken word artist of the highest capacity.
We must support our conscious Artist like WordSmith as to prevent the potential of their becoming hoe’s for corporate Amerikkka.
As I listen to this young man’s smart words and supurb delivery only one thing comes to mind.– “This is undoubtedly a 20 year old genuis and future leader of the people.” The knowledge expressed in his poetic skills is clearly reflective of a conscious and gifted one.
Much respect to his family for educating him correctly.
Please join his myspace as a friend / comrade, tell a friend about him and most importantly, buy his product.

WordSmith Jones is a 20-year-old poet from Brooklyn, NY who has been writing since the age of fifteen. Once known as Love Jones, WordSmith has written a collection of poems that teach and spread the word of Afrikan history and empowerment. He has been compared to such lyricists as Saul Williams, Mos Def, Nas, and Dead Prez. More than just a writer, Word is also a photographer, graphic designer, and performer. He has performed in such venues as the Nuyorican Poets Café and The African Poetry Theater. He is also a three-time NYC College of Technology Poetry Slam Winner. However, his success and compliments do not come without some criticism. There are some that do not approve of his message and would encourage less controversial writings.

So why does WordSmith do it? Word writes and performs because he strongly believes that the people need it. Ignorance within the BLACK community is at an all-time high and not enough people of Afrikan descent know about Afrika’s glorious history, he explains. Word goes on to say “One person at a time, we can generate movement within the minds of people. This is what I strives to do with my poetry and The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement” (www.mxgm.org).
WordSmith Jones says that he has only one goal, “to get people to see that there is only one way to achieve social, economic, and political change…..REVOLUTION by any means necessary.
Free The Land.
Word is bond”

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