The 4 Stages of Revolution

I. Incubation Stage (Prodromal)

A. Intellectuals desert the existing system. Sharp criticism of the authorities occurs and faith in the system is lost. Growing incompetence of the ruling classes.
B. At least one class is on the rise economically. It begins to demand participation in government and careers open to talent. Upper classes lock them out and the ranks of aristocracy close. Class distinctions become more hardened.
C. Government experiences serious fiscal and financial problems.

II. Symptomatic/Moderate Stage

A. Moderates rise to prominence and challenge the existing authority.
B. As authority is challenged, some acts of violence occur
C. Government fails to use force effectively.
D. Moderates win the day and get power. Honeymoon period where the revolution seems to be over.
E. Pressure from extremists grows.
F. Moderates are overthrown

III. Crisis/Radical Stage

A. Reign of terror and virtue/mass executions
B. Regicide
C. Use of secret police
D. Foreign threat to revolution
E. Extreme nationalism
F. Suppression of pleasure/demand for sacrifice
G. Religious faith in man’s ability to create an earthly paradise.
H. Class Struggle
I. Economic Crisis

IV.Convalescence/Recovery Stage

A. Things revert back to normal
(reign of terror over)



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