Nana Kuntu Brings The Fire From The Front Lines

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Nana Kuntu Brings The Fire From The Front Lines.

“The enemy has always propagated that we had no history, no philosophy and no culture. Why such an unreasonable statement about anyone? They were hiding their theft. So caught up in their racist construction, they actually begin to act on their propaganda as if it were truth. Consequently, they under estimated our scholars and thought we would never find our path home because of the layers of lies. Silly bastards. We are the children of those who came before us and we are connected through our Genes, DNA and Melanin. Obviously anything they have done, we can recreate and that which is hidden can be resurrected for our scrutiny. We needed to know these things to build on top of yesterday’s scholarship. No matter how many white ‘Cleopatras’ they invent in Hollywood, no matter how many ‘Mummy’ and ‘Star Gate’ motion pictures and television shows they propagate, our truth survives and outta the ashes we will rise to stop the Afrikan Holocaust. It is understood that in exposing our people to such information, our enemies consider it an attack on their hold on reality. Only those who wish to keep us enslaved, Black or white, would be disturbed that the truth has again risen, understanding clearly ‘that the truth shall set us free.’ Another aspect of all of this is the fact that Europeans must face the painful reality that everything their lives are based upon is a lie.Nana Kuntu (Del Jones)
Black Holocaust 2000


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