Brotha Kamal Imani: Spoken Word Poet and Conscious Hip Hop Lyricist

Brotha Kamal Imani is Poet, Actor, Spoken, Soul, Lyricist
and Radio Host from Teaneck NJ

The NYC/NJ Based Kamal Imani is an internationally known spoken word performance poet and conscious hip hop lyricist. He is an event planner, open mic host and promoter as well as a master of ceremonies for special events. Kamal has performed at major venues such as The Basketball Hall of Fame (Springfield Massachusetts) Organixx Soul, Princeton University, Hampton University, Farleigh Dickinson University, Medgar Evers College, The Nuyorican Poetry Café, The Poetry Realm with Baub Bidon & E Da Story Teller (CT), The Bowery Poetry Club and the New Jersey Nets Halftime Show as “New Jerseys Most Talented” to name a few.

Kamal’s songs “Ms. Melanin”, “Blast Off”, “Revolutionary Diva” have charted in the top 10 of American Idol for over a year. As well as many popular spoken word radio shows. He is also the host along with co-host Rawtalentillwill of “The Revolutionaryart Radio show” on His fiery signature pieces include the controversial “Lynch the N Word” and “You A Armchair Revolutionary”. One of his comedic crowd favorites is “Yo, I Copped a New Whip”. Kamal has opened for or shared the stage with the likes of Julie Dexter, Ragan Whiteside, DMoss, Flowmentalz, Queen Godis, Helena D Lewis, Love, Doug E. Fresh, King Sun, King Just, Big Bubs and Buju Banton to name a few.

His current CD “The Mic is Calling Me” is a top seller at his events as well as online. His current CD is entitled “Jump the Broom” and consists of hip hop and spoken word wedding songs that can be enjoyed and danced to at weddings an ideal for wedding gifts and party favors. Kamal has also begun creating his new CD which is presently “The Lost Scrolls” and scheduled for release this Summer. He is a member of the Eastern Philosophy Poets Collective with (Ras Isatu & Empress Tintawi) whose songs experiment with poetry, eclectic sounds as well as house, reggae dub, hip hop and jazz. They have a new video and song out called “SaFari” which is a must hear and see! They will be incorporating more traditional roots and African music in the near future!

Many activist, youth, relationship and spiritual groups call on Kamal to lecture or consult. He is a lifetime student of spiritual, religious and African studies and is currently majoring in sociology and psychology at the New York institute of Technology. Kamal has been mentored by the likes of Professor Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Harlem Garveyite Shaka Zulu Ramese and Sheik Abdul Lateef Ali to name a few. See the new videos “All She Really Want’s Is Love” & “Ms. Melanin” a dedication to the sisters on myspace!

For more music, videos and booking information regarding Kamal go to the following websites:

Purchase the wedding song downloads at coming soon!

Call 201-964-6275


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