500 Years Later (The Documentary Film ) Clips… and more


500 Years Later is the title of an independent documentary film directed by Owen ‘Alik Shahadah, written by M.K. Asante, Jr. released in 2005. It won 5 international film festival awards (including UNESCO ‘Breaking the Chains Award in the category of Best Documentary, it has been heralded as one of the most powerful African and African-American documentaries of this century. 500 Years Later has received praise as well as controversy, both for the genre of the film (creative documentary), and the social-political impact of the film as it relates to race study. The film opened on February 28, 2005, at the Pan-African Awards (PAFF) and won Best Documentary at its premiere.

Crime, drugs, HIV/AIDS, poor education, inferiority complex, low expectation, poverty, corruption, poor health, and underdevelopment plagues people of African descent globally. 500 years later from the onset of slavery and subsequent colonialism, Africans are still struggling for basic freedom. Filmed in five continents, and over twenty countries, 500 Years Later engages the retrospective voice, told from the African vantage-point.

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M.K. Asante, Jr. – Official Site

Halaqah Films
Halaqah Media

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