Here is a Bio and some info about the album, Freedom’s Journal, as well as the download link.. the link includes album cover, insert and credits, etc. This is Good Black Music and it’s FREE so give it a listen! Please give us some feedback, it will be gladly appreciated. Salute!


“Freedom’s Journal” which was established in NY by Samuel E. Cornish & John B. Russwurm in 1827-1829. The name of this collective is “COMPLETION” which is a Hip-Hop group that consist of two members, Trance The MC & Mr. Emphatic! This group displays a wide range of vocabulary concepts accompanied by a politically charged analysis of the Black experience, complimented by a solid array of beats and rhymes. These two wordsmiths do not have a problem w/waving the flag of the conscious rapper as they aspiss. With a true respect for the art form, Completion stands firm in maintaining their artistic integrity while promoting hip-hop’s ability to educate as well as entertain. Angela Y. Davis was quoted in the Essence Magazine as saying, Music can be utilized as a vehicle of consciousness. This statement soundly exemplifies Completion.

Tracklisting for FREEDOM’S JOURNAL:

1 Acknowledgement (Intro)
2 We’re On Our Way (Ft. Darien Brockington)
3 Certified
4 We Got It!/Lets Ride
5 What Do You Stand For?
6 Game Plan (First Installment)/

7 The Proposal
8 Under Pressure
9 Rock To The Rhythm (Don’t Stop!)
10 Warrior’s Code (Ft. True Allah & O.G. DASU)
11 One Night
12 I Wanna Get To Know You (Stand & Deliver)
13 The Ambiance (Ft. Karim Shabazz)/Don’t Make Me Wait
14 The Appreciation Tour (of Duty)
15 Ride Or Die Chick
16 So Beautiful (Warrior Queens Anthem)
17 Freedom’s Journal: 2nd Journal Entry (Ft. True Allah)
18 Acknowledgement (Outro)
19 Days Of Our Lives (In These Times)/
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All songs produced by Illmind except, “Acknowledgement” & “Game Plan (First Installment)” Produced by Algorythm for algorythmatic productions, “The Ambiance” Produced by Zo! for Chapter 3hree Verse 5ive Music LLC & “Lets Ride” Produced by Best 21 for Piql’d Beats


African-American Newspapers and Periodicals

Freedom’s Journal

OCLC#: 1570144
LC card #: sn83-30455

From: Wisconsin Historical Society

“We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us.”

Thus declare Samuel Cornish and John B. Russwurm on the front page of Freedom’s Journal, the first African-American owned and operated newspaper published in the United States. The Journal was published weekly in New York City from 1827 to 1829. John B. Russworm edited the journal alone between March 16, 1827 and March 28, 1829. Later, Samuel Cornish served as co-editor (March 16, 1827 to September 14, 1827). Freedom’s Journal was superseded by The Rights of All, published between 1829 and 1830 by S. E. Cornish.

Freedom’s Journal provided international, national, and regional information on current events and contained editorials declaiming slavery, lynching, and other injustices. The Journal also published biographies of prominent African-Americans and listings of births, deaths, and marriages in the African-American New York community. Freedom’s Journal circulated in 11 states, the District of Columbia, Haiti, Europe, and Canada.

The newspaper employed subscription agents. One of these, David Walker, in 1829 published the first of four articles that called for rebellion. Walker’s Appeal stated that “.it is no more harm for you to kill the man who is trying to kill you than it is for you to take a drink of water,” this bold attack was widely read. Walker distributed copies of his pamphlet into the South, where it was widely banned.

View Freedom’s Journal

All 103 issues of the Freedom’s Journal have been digitized and placed into Adobe Acrobat

PLEASE NOTE: Each file is over 1 megabyte in size, refer to the file size information next to the link before clicking on the link. format.

The digital Freedom’s Journal was prepared by:
Peter Schroepfer – Student Assistant
Heather McCullough – Digital Librarian
Wendt Engineering Library


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