"Thatz Some Shit", Brotha Tehuti Speaks Out…and more

“Thatz Some Shit”

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Brotha Tehuti is a Husband, Father, and a Hip Hop Artist/Activist. His thesis for his Masters in Human Services from Lincoln University (PA) was on Hip Hop Culture as a teaching tool for neglected, abused, and abandoned children.He is the author of two childrens books. The titles for the books are Pretty Little Girl and Black People Read Well. He also have experience in Management & Bookings in the music industry, working with major and independent artists. In the past he has been Program Director for youth programs, and is currently COO of URban Energy Center (a holistic company founded by my wife Maat).

April 28, 2008: Following Acquittal of NYPD Officers in Sean Bell Killing, Advocates Call for Special Prosecutor in Police Brutality Cases

In New York, a coalition of civil rights advocates are calling for a permanent state-level special prosecutor to handle police brutality cases following the acquittal of three NYPD detectives in the killing of Sean Bell. The twenty-three-year-old Bell died in a hail of fifty police bullets on the morning of what would have been his wedding day in November 2006. Two of his friends were also injured in the shooting. All three men were unarmed.

We speak with Sanford Rubinstein, the attorney representing Sean Bell’s fiancee Nicole Paultre-Bell, and with Jessica Sanclemente, the co-coordinator of People’s Justice. (The following video is excerpted from the total program. To see program in other formats and in full, please use the links below the video.)

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Excerpt of Democracy Now 04/28/2008 – Additional Formats

Full Length Version of Democracy Now 04/28/2008 Epsiode

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