RBG-Brotha’s Keepa, The Men, The Music and The Movement

Brothas Keepa on Liberated T.V.

Youth Prison Prevention Program

The Youth Prison Prevention Program was created by Brotha’s Keepa to give an in-your-face view of real prison life and in an attempt to defuse its glamorization by taking busloads of children to the West Tennessee State Prison in Henning, TN and the Mark Luttrell Women’s facility in Memphis. To date, over 600 boys and girls ages 8 through 17 have been impacted by the trips, having had the opportunity to interview inmates and see what prison life really is about.

The way Brotha’s Keepa sees it, the country’s prison system is designed to keep Black men down. Too much money is made in the private sector from locking up young Black men and women. A certain segment wants to keep young Black men locked up – and to help in this plan is the promotion of rap music lyrics and videos which promote violent behavior that usually ends up with more and more of our young Black men incarcerated. The more we understand this, the better we are as a people. “You’ve got to understand the unseen hand,” offers Brittenum, “the people behind the power are the ones who want to keep us down as a race.

Summer Youth Theatre Camps

To give youth something to do during the summer months and give them an outlet for their natural creativity and talent, Brotha’s Keepa operates a Summer Youth Theatre Camp. For more information about the 2006 Summer Youth Theatre Camp, call 901.859.4051.

Feedin’ Folks

Every Sunday and for each holiday, Brotha’s Keepa assists Brother Powwah and Sister Phu’cha with their program, Feedin’ Folks, to feed the homeless and less fortunate. They collect donations from companies and individuals and donate time to distributing both cooked foods and fresh fruits and vegetables to disadvantaged people in their communities. Part of the philosophy behind this initiative is their dedication to truly being their “brother’s keepers” and additionally they share the belief that sometimes “you have to feed folks to reach folks.” For more information and to find out how to help, call 901.859.4051.

Coat Drive

Brotha’s Keepa conducts annual coat drives to make sure both children and adults are better protected against the elements in the winter months. For information on the next coat drive or on how you can donate coats and other outerwear or participate in other ways, call 901.859.4051

Make a Donation to “The People’s Fund”

It is the belief of Brotha’s Keepa that we should look out for and be responsible for our own. In light of this, we receive no government or corporate funding as they may attempt to compromise or reposition our mission. If you would like to support the causes we’ve outlined above, please do so by making a donation. All donations are accepted. We thank you in advance for “helping us help us”.

A e-mail message from Brothas keepa

Jmalo Torriel 901/859-4051
Ayele Akebulan 901/502-4986

Greetings, my name is Jmalo Torriel of the community activist, spoken word, theatre, jazz and r&b duo Brothas Keepa. Every other Sunday in Memphis TN we feed the homeless. Throughout the year we also run a youth prison prevention program. We take youth to a full tour of a prison in order to show them a possible ending point to self destructive behaviour. To this date we have taken over 3,000 children on the tour. Out of this number only 2 children have gotten into trouble with law enforcement. We also run a theare camp for children in order to give them an outlet for their energies. We also operate a gang redirection program. We work with approximately 500 gangbangers in the area. We meet with these young people and hold history classes, economic classes, behaviour pattern classes etc.
We do not get any grants or funding for our programs. Through the sales of our CD’s and performances we keep these charity programs alive. It is our hope that the commnity weill come together in support of our efforts by purchasing our new Cd or booking us for an event.We have recently released out sophomore Cd spoken word CD entitiled “The Re-Education of The Negro”.This CD is a mixture if spoken words, theatre, jazz and r&b. Please feel free to log onto our websites brothaskeepa.com, cdbaby.com/brothaskeepa2, myspace.com/jmalo.
All of the proceeds benefit the said above programs.We strongly believe that Black Men have to get up and take our communities back. We thank you in advance for your co-operation concerning the conditions of our youth.


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