Can We Stop Blaming the White Man???…and more

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Can We Stop Blaming the White Man???

8 Things We Need to
STOP Doing Today!

Wise Intelligent – Globe Holders

1. STOP believing that marching, protesting, demonstrating, boycotting, and picketing alone will free us…
These are only tactics to bring attention to an injustice or to affect a business economically. We must eventually face the fact that we must pool our money, time, and resources in order for us to begin the process of freeing ourselves economically. Otherwise we’re gonna march all over this country and still be in the same dependent condition we were in prior to our marching. March with a purpose and a clear goal. That goal must expand from social freedoms to ECONOMIC FREEDOM. We must not be dependent slaves to any man for our food, clothing, shelter, and employment.

2. STOP thinking that white people will change and all of a sudden wake up one day and accept us as equals…
NOT GONNA HAPPEN PEOPLE!…We’ve been here over 400 years and we are still regarded by the so-called powers-that-be as NIGGERS!…..Don’t believe me? Remember KATRINA?…Remember the Rodney King case and the rebellion/riots that followed? Remember Sean Bell? Abner Louima? Amadou Diallo? Mychal Bell and the JENA 6? The young brother in Florida that was beaten and killed at the boot camp? Genarlow Wilson just now being freed after 2 years in prison. Mumia Abu-Jamal still languishing on death row for crimes he didn’t committ? Leonard Peltier? Assata Shakur? Jamil Al-Amin? Megan Williams?…I CAN GO ON FOR DAYS, BELIEVE ME! They, as a whole, don’t have any real love for us. They TOLERATE us and they are finding us less and less useful to them and therefore more and more intolerable. WE MUST LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES!

3. STOP thinking that we can’t unite!
The negative thinking is killing us in droves. We don’t come together because we’ve been made distrustful of one another. OUR unity in opposition to white supremacy is the greatest fear of our oppressor! Nothing is beyond our reach and it is only our belief in lies taught to us by our enemies that makes us impotent as a people. When we come together, the world stops and takes notice. BELIEVE THAT!

4. STOP degrading ourselves.
We are more than ‘niggers, niggas, bitches, hoes, tricks, dogs, mf’s’ and any other degrading word we use to refer to each as other as. If we are what we think, then if we think we are niggas and bitches, then we’ll act like niggas and bitches! So if we can change the way we think, then we are on the road to changing the way we act. We are gods and goddesses, king and queens, brothers and sisters. The Scriptures teach that “Ye are all gods, children of the Most High God.”(Psalms 82:6) And there ain’t nuthin’ a god can’t do in the Name of the Almighty God!

5. STOP waiting on God or Jesus or Muhammad or whoever to come down and change our condition!
Stop thinkin’ that Hilary or Obama is gonna ride in some damn white horse and save the day! If you believe that, you are surely LOST! Stop listening to some of these Negro preachers who are telling you to put it in God’s hands. God helps those who help themselves. We can’t be a lazy people and expect God to do it all. He don’t like laziness. He gave us the wherewithal to do whatever we wanna do to raise ourselves up out of this condition and has given us all we need to do it. We must DEMONSTRATE this faith in God that we sing and dance and shout and pray about in the church or mosque we attend. We are holding ourselves back through ignorance, faithlessness, and fear! If we are gods as I pointed out earlier, then we need to stand up and show the world where God is!

6. STOP teaching our children to get good grades so they can grow up and get a good job.
Teach them to make good grades so they can grow up and MAKE GOOD JOBS for themselves and their people! Give yourself and your children the dual education necessary to help make present slaves future free men and women. Teach them principles like dignity and respect and to be willing to die for what they believe in. If we fail to use the gifts we’ve been blessed with as a people to advance our struggle for freedom, justice, and equality, then WHAT GOOD ARE OUR GIFTS??? We would be disgracing the gifts and the Giver of the gifts! It would all be just vanity!

7. STOP being islands unto ourselves! We must work to recapture our sense of community.
We must see ourselves as family again. We must get out of this Eurocentric mindset of ‘every man for himself’ and bring back ‘it takes a village.’ Seeing the world thru Afrikan eyes is key! We must read books by our own authors that are stressing self-reliance and self-determination. Stop believing everything you hear on mainstream news and from mainstream text’ and media. So read Dr. Na’im Akbar, Anthony T. Browder, Cheikh Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke, Kenneth Clark, J.A. Rogers, Chancellor Williams, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Josef ben-Jochanon, Ivam van Sertima, and so many others who are teaching black consciousness. Knowledge of self is the way out of mental incarceration! When we can think free and enlightened thoughts, we can maximize free actions!

8. STOP the killing! Stop shooting down your future! Stop robbing, stealing, lying, and trespassing on one another.
Stop hating one another and being jealous and envious and covetous!..All of these things are in opposition to unity efforts. We have to discover our own gifts instead of envying somebody else for theirs. All of this leads to a crab-in-the-barrel mentality that impedes our progress. Congratulate one another for our success whatever they may be and learn to always HELP ONE ANOTHER to reach greater heights. If you wanna be a leader, understnad that you are a SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE, NOT GREATER THAN THE PEOPLE! We must know ourselves in order to truly love and respect ourselves. So we can stop the killing and all the things that lead to killing by stopping it where it begins, in our minds!

A RBG Street Scholar Educational Design

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