RBG4Lif Revolution of the Mind

The time is ripe to heed the long-standing, and most often overlooked, calls for Afrikan Unity, Cultural Development, Education and Social Transformation. Such is what RBG most fundamentally represents. Contrary to the prevailing, misinformed assumptions, RBG (Black Nationalism / PanAfrikanism ) as an ideology, interaction and academic process is not a rabid assertion of Black supremacy. Unlike white Nationalism and American patriotism, RBG (Black Nationalism / PanAfrikanism ) and its proponents do not seek to humiliate, exploit, or oppress any person or people. Rather, RBG / (Black Nationalism / PanAfrikanism ) is a positive affirmation of the cultural, political, social, economic and moral identity and concerns of African people. In its most rudimentary forms, it reacts to the brutally violent and repressive conditions under which African people have and continue to live. White supremacy / racism creates an environment where whites are necessarily viewed with suspicion, but we are not anti-white. We are Afrikan/ Black on purpose and Black folks must first and foremost be beholden to each other. The most basic expression of RBG (Black Nationalism/ PanAfrikanism ) thought is that Black / Afrikan people in America and throughout the diaspora are bound by the common history and experience of historical chattel and present day mental slavery, suffering and death under the boot heel of white supremacy / racism. Most importantly, RBG is about self-reliance, self- respect and self-defense toward the total liberation and unification of all Afrikan people that desire to defend, define and develop in our own image and interest.

No matter if one relates R.B.G. with
Red Black and Green,
Revolutionary But Gangstas,
Redeemed By God,
Read Bout Garvey,
Revolutionary Black Gangstas,
Real Black Girls,
Ready 2 Bust Gats or
Riders Basic Guidelines, etc
We must know that the principles and guidelines were passed down from great leaders like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton. They must know that the RBG Family consists of real leaders that will forever ride for our Black and Brown People worldwide.


We challenge students to assess and analyze hip hop culture and its effects (positive and negative) on them and their communities by asking them to contemplate some critical questions.

1) What do the lyrics of a particular song really mean?

2) Who controls hip hop in terms of how rap artists are selected; what rap music is produced; how and to whom it is marketed?

3) What is the role of commercial radio in making rap music hits and who benefits financially from our imagination, creativity and intellect?

4) What personal and community values, principles and ideals does a particular rap song promote?

5) How do we neutralize the exploitation of our creativity by corporate executives/rich white men who largely direct the course of mainstream rap / hip-hop culture?

6) Are too many of our youth using the messages and images of so called gangsta rap and rap music videos to develop both their personal and public identities?

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