RBG as Re-Afrikanization Symbolism: Who We Were vs Who We Are

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Our essay is below. We start out by providing you with some RBG GIF animations , slide shows and skinFlix for your website / Myspace etc. that will, along with reading the poster above in its full screen view, simultaneously prep you for overstanding our write.

In this first one zoom video in and out by clicking:

Blk Queens

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RBGz Skinned Videos on slide

RBG as Re-Afrikanization Symbolism:

Who We Were vs Who We Are


“Mass media have played and will continue to play a crucial role in the way white Americans perceive African-Americans. As a result of the overwhelming media focus on crime, drug use, gang violence, and other forms of anti-social behavior among African-Americans, the media have fostered a distorted and pernicious public perception of African-Americans”.

The Yale Political Quarterly / Read More

In light of the above stated fundamental truth, all of RBGz EduTainment / teaching-learning methodologies and content are presented in the tradition and spirit of Afrikan Symbolism (as well as our oral / musical tradition) as this is the way we learn, interpret and experience the world as Afrikan people. So we are applying a traditional philosophical precept in the context of our westernized experience to project us in a positive and unified manner, working together doing what we do best for the collective advancement of the group. It is the reason why one of our rules of engagement is “a picture (image/symbol) is worth more than a thousand words”. RBGz images/symbols are what make you think (Think Tank) and learn so intently, and also what makes you feel so inspired. So we teach the same lessons on multiple levels to strike a responsive cord with our whole family by integrating all four forms of media (image, audio, video and text) in any given lesson/topic/subject. This is important to do because if our young people don’t see themselves in what we want them to learn then how can we blame the for not wanting to learn it! Hence the problem with us and Euro-education (mis-education and dis-education). Furthermore, we are also demonstrating computer skills that you will not learn at M.I.T., but are nonetheless more in keeping with our way.

In all cases RBGz presentations / lessons are simply saying what the great Afrikan religious philosopher John Mbiti says in “African Religion and Philosophy”

“i am because We are and because We are therefore i am”

You give me your work / ideas/ energy & warrior spirit and I synthesize and integrate them into the various curricula and give them back to you by first applying my knowledge, skills and creative abilities to them and thus, our now having a scholarly product in our own image and interest that will hold you til you put it down and is accessible/understandable by the masses. It is based on a concept I derived and coined as ACCNL “Afrikan Centered Collaborative Network Learning” That is what makes the college uniquely Ours…A communiversity in the literal since of the word. RBG doesn’t use computer apps. linearly like Europeans designed, developed and/program them, as that is the way they think. The communiveristy is Afrikan in it conceptual framework, ie. concentric / circular in its functionality. Thus, I push the limits of modern day Web 2.0 , in an academic context, to reaches yet matched heights by saying “Let The Circle Be Unbroken”.This is why I say
“RBG as Re-Afrikanization Symbolism”.
All you need do to feel what I’m saying is go back up about mid-page where the RBG image player is to the right (Who We Are/Our current shit-uation is being projected) and to the left is flashing Who We Were (positive images).

The more you read/study the school the more you will see the symbolism being applied in real time…My photo-story mini-lectures/videos become deeper as you study more because the same images/photos/symbols continue to tell Our-Story on a deeper level elsewhere in the school. Thus, symbolism is the building block which preps you for deeper layered learning.

We do this because I believe that in order to bring about our re-unification indeed, We must first see ourselves as such. It is why the school is totally for, by and about us-Afrikan people.

RBG is a smart, academically comprehensive and positive EduTainment center suitable for the whole Afrikan family. It is designed and deployed to purposefully counter the corporate white elite/white supremacist (racist) media images of us in the form of a school; using their technology and our razor sharp intelligence and undeniable/ well documented truths. It is an intermediary in our total “return to the source”.

Symbolism is at the foundation of our efforts to research, rescue and restore Who We Were.
The potency of symbolism in our traditional Afrikan cultural way (see below) is why I write the whole school in the image of Red, Black and Green and say RBG4Lif. It is our most lethal weapon in de-colonizing the Afrikan mine and reversing the deculturalization process. (Who We Are).

The links/extensions below will enable you to do your due diligence to further assimilate what I’m saying; and study the precepts most directly.

African Symbols:

  • African Culture & Symbolism
  • West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings
  • African Writing Systems
  • Akan Architecture Symbols
  • Akan Political Beliefs Symbols
  • Akan Cultural Symbols Project
  • University of Wisconsin: Africology
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts: African Art
  • The Symbols of Kwanzaa
  • RBGz New Afrikan Education Course Link Table:

    RBG: SDL (Self Directed Learning) Black Studies Outline for Advanced Learners

    The Master Keys to the Study of Ancient Kemet/Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III


    Dr. Ben, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Van Sertima on Our Holocaust and A Maafa Timeline

    Dr. Molefi Kete Asante: Foundations of Afrikan Pedagogy

    Afrikan History and Culture Lessons: Our Scholars, Historians and Educators Teach

    Dr. Marimba Ani On Yurugu and Afrikan Rebirth

    Tony Brown’s Afrocentric Education Conference…more

    Dr. Chancellor Williams On “The Destruction of Black Civilization”

    Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop On the Origins of Civilization

    Oyotunji Village: “A Spiritual and Cultural Re-Awakening”

    Dr. Carter G. Woodson On Education and Mis-Education..more

    The American Indian Holocaust

    Professor John Glover Jackson, “One of Our Greatest Cultural Historians”

    The Science of the Moors, Dr. Ivan Sertima Lecture…and more

    Racism: A History (3 Part Video and RBG Notes)

    Dr. Leonard Jefferies on the Afrikan Mind and 10 Areas of conflicts with White Supremacy

    Dr. Amiri Baraka On Dr. Du Bois’s Double Consciousness Precept and more

    A People’s History Of The United States / by Howard Zinn : RBGz Audio and History Is A Weapon e-Books

    Robert F. Williams: The Man They Don’t Want You To Know About

    “From Jim Crow to Civil Rights to Black Liberation?”

    Malcolm X / Make It Plain: The Classic Documentary and A Timeline


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