RBG Communiversity: Some Audio and Video Introductory Remarks by RBGStreetScholar


Our First UStream TV Broadcast
(a test of the technology)

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

Link to the Station

RBG Street Scholars Think Tank is
Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad Click this Poster Collage to Enter His Page

Slide1-41.jpg updated large picture by RBGStreetScholar
RBG Street Scholars Think Tank’s Purpose: This Educational Program and Research Project is Dedicated to Further Building the Hip Hop–Black Liberation Movement Connection by Integrating Conscious Digital Edutainment with A Scholarly Self Directed Learning Environment.

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“Closer To My Dreams, ie. Our Own College”

This CommuniVersity Is Curated By:


Physician and Healer, Afri-Centered Education Consultant, EduTainer / Productions, Computer Training, Lecturer and RBG 4Lif Organizer If you have been looking for a scholarly, well organized, comprehensive and user friendly Afrikan-Centered educational resource then RBG Street Scholars Think Tank is for you… Welcome to RBG: Scholarly Revolutionary Higher Education Presented Using An Interactive EduTaining Teaching Methodology.

Our educational mission is to develop in each learner a Luv of learning by providing an Afri-Centered interactive learning environment that fosters problem solving, critical & creative thinking, artistic expression and positive character development (through the principles of Nguzo Saba & MA’AT ) — combined with a rigorous basic education skills development program that includes the language arts, math, science, and technology (computers & I.T.C.) domains.

Check Out Black Tube :

RBG4Lif Studies in 100 Easy Lessons: Video EduTainment

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