Re-Locating to the Motherland: An Afrikan’s Adivce & West African Village Life # 1: African Women

Re-Locating…Back Home An Afrikan’s Adivce
(A 6 Clip Series)

West African Village Life # 1: African Women

Without knowing precise figures, I venture to guess that upwards of 80% of the population of West Africa still lives in villages. Yet there is very little online information about life in these villages.

African Women Djembefola

West African Women

In the villages, women are the most important people. They are the backbone of village life. There are many reasons for this (in addition to their strength of character). Men must often work in nearby cities or towns so women tend to comprise a large proportion of adult village populations. Secondly, women do almost everything. I don’t mean that men don’t work, only that women do most of the work men do and many other things beside. In addition to seasonal farming and marketing, women are also responsible for the day-to-day management of their households and all the chores associated with child-rearing and food preparation. For these reasons, I begin this description of African village life with some photographs of village women and girls. Their beauty and dignity speak for themselves.

All the above photos were taken in 1995 in the villages of Njoben and Sinchu Jatali on the north bank of the River Gambia. The photo below was taken in 1986 in the Hoss Valley, Plateau State, Nigeria. All over Africa traditional thatch roofs are being replaced by galvanized iron roofing sheets (light colored roofs visible on some houses in the background.) These, while they are more practical and durable, are less environmentally friendly and certainly nowhere near so appealing to the eye.

Text and images from:
Under the Lemon Tree
Articles and stories about West Africa

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