RBG Blakademics 2009: Re-Education Volume 1

The education of any people should begin with the people themselves…. The chief difficulty with the education of the Negro is that it has been largely imitation resulting in the enslavement of his mind. Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the Miseducation of the Negro (1933)
Despite the wealth of solid information presented within the RBG Communiversity, I am not surprised that most of us would reject the notion of us still being slaves. But, if you are a true seeker of fact, truth and history…study RBG a bit with close attention, learn how it works and follow some links before your take your final position on this most important question- “ARE WE STILL SLAVES”.
The short answer as to why I / we hold the position that we (Afrikans in America as a collective) are still slaves is articulated and documented in the body of this Communiversity’s content quite well I think …Ones cumulative overstanding of rbg philosophy, opinions and politics, once one has spent some quality time reading, will be elevated. …For those who choice to pick one little thing out of the larger picture and formulate an ill-informed position, what follows in the comment box  is the short version of some of my / our reasoning and rational…


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