RBG Praylu Production |Still a Winner

“Video Education / Production Teachers Award 2005-2008

Praylu Productions Trademark/Poster

Education- Video Production Style

Click his Poster to enter his world here at RBG.

Read “A Real Live Shackle Breaker”: Praylu Productions

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Brotha Praylu is RBG Street Scholars Think Tank’s Master Video Educator. We started this project five years ago.
Here’s what I wrote up in
2006 regarding this warrior-scholar.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank and welcome RBG Street Scholars Think Tank’s newest contributor. My good friend and colleague Praylu. We started out together about two years ago teaching on You Tube. There were only about seven of us on You Tube at that time doing Re-education of Afrikan people work. The others were-ParadigmS…., Akeem, Dadieshak, Antihostile , Rootsymali and SynQ….READ MORE IN OUR HIP HOP AND CONSCIOUS RAP MUSIC WIKIZINE


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