RBG Blakademics 2009: SDL (Self Directed Learning) Black Studies Outline and Reading for Teachers / Advanced Learners

BG Street Scholar’s Advanced Learners SDL (Self Directed Learning) Black Studies Outline: Including Online Overviews and Reading List. You will quickly notice that these authors, “RBGz Professors”, and / or their works are presently the composition of the Audio-Visual content of our various curricula and lessons (see below). However, in pursuits of genuine Afrikan scholarship reading their texts is the most definitive teacher of the subject / topic. Also, this outline is an excellent organizing tool for those who are already familiar with and have navigated our communiversity’s current advanced study and research link roll table.

Please use this Afrikan Consciousness IQ Questionnaire as a pre-test, post text instrument for the above online reading component.
BlackConsciousness.com – (1) Questions – (IQ Test)

From Nubian Network’s Worldwide Black Consciousness Online.

The answers can be found in the BN-W Resource Directory at BlackConsciousness.com Answers (IQ Test).

The following books are suggested reading. At least two in each phase should be read and those in bold are considered classic reading material.



The first phase should be devoted to reading about the history of Africa. It should begin with the evolution of mankind and civilization, and extend through the colonial period.

DeGraft Johnson African Glory
W. E. B. DuBois The World and Africa
The Negro
John G. Jackson Introduction to African Civilization
Chancellor Williams The Destruction of Black Civilization



The second phase consists of African American history. Preferable this phase should begin with West Africa and extend through the civil rights movement of the sixties.

Lerone Bennett, Jr. Before the Mayflower
John Hope Franklin From Slavery to Freedom
Vincent Harding There is a River
J. A. Rogers Africa’s Gift to America



The Americas

This area should cover the African descendants of the Caribbean, Latin and South America.

Jacob Carruthers The Irrated Genie
C. L. R. James The Black Jacobins
Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before Columbus

Asia, Australia, Europe, etc.

This area should cover the Blacks throughout the world outside of Africa and The Americas. Although there several books in this area, the works of J. A. Rogers are among the most read and they provide a fairly good expose to the subject.

J. A. Rogers Nature Knows No Colorline
From Superman to Man
Sex and Race Volumes I, II, & III
The Worlds Great Men of Color Volumes I & II
Ivan Van Sertima The Golden Age of the Moors

The above outline should give one a fairly good overview and understanding of Black history. From this vantage point one is able to read particular areas of interest. There are also material refered in the text and indexes of the material suggested that could provide direction for further study.


Ancient Egypt

There is a wealth of material in this area. For beginners the material listed below is suggested. There may be other references, depending on interest, that one may find in the material. The reader is encouraged to follow their interest at this point.


J. A. Rogers Nature Knows No Colorline
From Superman to Man
Sex and Race Volumes I, II, & III
The Worlds Great Men of Color Volumes I & II
Ivan Van Sertima The Golden Age of the Moors
Yosef Ben Jochanna Black Man of the Nile
Martin Bernal Black Athena Volume I & II
Cheik Anta Diop African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality
George G. M. James Stolen Legacy

Philosophy & Spirituality

E. A Wallis Budge The Book of the Dead
Osiris and the Egyptian Ressurection Volume I & II
Ra Un Nefer Amen Metu Neter Volume I & II
Jacob H. Carruthers Mdw Ntr
Isha Schwaller De Lubicz Her-Bak Volume I & II

RBGz New Afrikan Education Course Link Table:

RBG: SDL (Self Directed Learning) Black Studies Outline for Advanced Learners

The Master Keys to the Study of Ancient Kemet/Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III


Dr. Ben, Dr. Clarke and Dr. Van Sertima on Our Holocaust and A Maafa Timeline

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante: Foundations of Afrikan Pedagogy

Afrikan History and Culture Lessons: Our Scholars, Historians and Educators Teach

Dr. Marimba Ani On Yurugu and Afrikan Rebirth

Tony Brown’s Afrocentric Education Conference…more

Dr. Chancellor Williams On “The Destruction of Black Civilization”

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop On the Origins of Civilization

Oyotunji Village: “A Spiritual and Cultural Re-Awakening”

Dr. Carter G. Woodson On Education and Mis-Education..more

The American Indian Holocaust

Professor John Glover Jackson, “One of Our Greatest Cultural Historians”

The Science of the Moors, Dr. Ivan Sertima Lecture…and more

Racism: A History (3 Part Video and RBG Notes)

Dr. Leonard Jefferies on the Afrikan Mind and 10 Areas of conflicts with White Supremacy

Dr. Amiri Baraka On Dr. Du Bois’s Double Consciousness Precept and more

A People’s History Of The United States / by Howard Zinn : RBGz Audio and History Is A Weapon e-Books

Robert F. Williams: The Man They Don’t Want You To Know About

“From Jim Crow to Civil Rights to Black Liberation?”

Malcolm X / Make It Plain: The Classic Documentary and A Timeline


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