The 20th Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference: Concept, Praxis, and Legacy…

Editors Note: Upon clicking on a panel or an individual person within a panel, you will be taken to the source document. Once you land, you may click the person or hot-linked title of their presentation for immediate streaming. For best playback results you can download the video to your hard drive. I have embed the Welcome streams / downloads here as to demonstrate. WMP set as your default media player is recommended, as the file type is wmv.

Concept, Praxis, and Legacy:
Cheikh Anta Diop, Molefi Kete Asante
and the Afrocentric Project

October 17 -18, 2008



The following three assets are click and play

Ana Yenenga Asante, Diop Conference Coordinator

Opening Ceremony and Presentation of Program

Panel 2: Confronting Challenges to Afrocentricity

Panel 3: Diop, Afrocentricity and Kemetic Thought in the 21st Century

Panel 4: Afrocentric and Pan-African Affirmations

Panel 5: Afrocentric Language and Culture

Panel 6: Afrocentric Assessments and Perspectives

Vision Presentations


Panel 1: Currents of African Scholarship

Film Screening

Luncheon Presentation

Special Presentations: Conversation about Afrocentric Education

Panel 3: Ancient Africa: Records, Analysis, and Implications

Closing Plenary Session: Asserting Agency and Contextualizing African Ideas

Digitized by D. Zizwe Poe for DISA


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