The Murder of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. (1971) A Documentary Film

What’s the most efficient way to deal with a ‘freedom fighting revolutionary’ who has a growing following? That’s easy. Kill him! Unfortunately, we’re not discussing some old Rambo knock-off, but instead a riveting b&w documentary that focuses on the short life of Fred Hampton, the founder of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, who, at the age of 21, was assassinated by a FBI-organized unit of the Chicago Police Department as he lay face down in his bed. The charismatic young activist’s life and work is a powerful revolutionary lesson, as he rallied the people to rebel against the oppressive power structure and educates supporters that if a “pig” gets in their way, simply pull your gun and “blow him away.”

Chairman Fred and the Panthers establishing free clinics and pre-school meals in poor neighborhoods, setting up a mock trial, discussing politics, being accused of an ice cream truck robbery (which led to a 25-year prison sentence for Hampton!), arming themselves in case of attack, and happily celebrating when cops are shot during a raid on their HQ. Hampton’s death occured in the pre-dawn moments of December 4, 1969, when the police fired 99 rounds into his apartment. We witness footage of the crime scene, Fred’s blood-soaked mattress, bullet-riddled walls, plus Hampton’s funeral, even as the police claim that the occupants shot first (though there isn’t one bullet hole in their direction to prove it) and the corporate media mindlessly regurgitates this propaganda. Although doctors, experts, reporters, eye witnesses, and even the physical evidence refute all of these police “facts,” a piece of shit State’s Attorney named Edward V. Hanrahan commends the cops for their use of deadly force and pigheadedly stands by every lie. Gosh, I’m surprised the guy isn’t part of the Bush administration nowadays. Sure, it’s biased, but with damned good reason. This scalding, thought-provoking, 89-minute film opens viewers’ eyes to a socio-political movement rarely covered fairly by the media and demonized by the government and police. And unbeknownst to anyone at the time, one of the Panther’s own members, William O’Neal, was actually a traitorous FBI informant who helped coordinate Hampton’s murder. An open-minded portrait of the Black Panther Party. Chairman Fred provided an intelligent and passionate voice to our people during the height of times when our voice was unheard and ignored.

One thought on “The Murder of Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. (1971) A Documentary Film

  1. I'm glad you have this piece of knowledge here. The deliberate and calculated murder of Chairman Fred, should strike a cord with anyone involved in the movement. The current government, the leaps and bounds of technology, and racist political policies have made calculated and deliberate murder of revolutionaries effortless. This can happen to any of us at any time. I think it is very important to know about the details of the murder and what led up to the death of Chairman Fred. We are still dealing with the same government that came up with COINTELPRO. We are still dealing with the same enemy.

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