RBG Communiversity: Message 2 Da Grassroots|”BREAK THE CHAINS”

RBG Communiversity: Message 2 Da Grassroots


Please keep in mind that RBG is a Think Tank. A center of higher learning organized for intensive study, research, critical thinking and problem solving; focused in the areas of the use of technology in Afrikan-centered cultural development and education for the purpose of individually and collectively learning the social, political, economic and moral strategies to secure Black Power in the 21st century. More frequently than not, we initiate our teaching /learning process by presenting audio and visual Icebreakers that pose similes, parables, metaphors, analogies and oxymorons—that’s what makes you think (we hope). Then we have lively and well informed group discussions revolving around the various messages put forth in the learning objects and media assets. Next we research the facts overlaying our discussions using the voluminous number of resources available in the communiversity’s web portals and learning environments. Finally, each learner has the opportunity to fill our evaluation instruments…

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