Study wit RBG Commun and Check Chairman Omali/APSP 4 THA AFRIKAN THUTH 100


Riots, Rebellions, and Revolution–The Battle of St. Pete

The date was November 13, 1996. The verdict had come in that officer James Knight had every right to shoot and kill 18-year-old TyRon Lewis. However, this time the people were organized and took matters into their own hands.


Uploaded on Aug 2, 2011

Another very important analysis pertaining to the relationship of imperialism, and the working class people of the world; in particularly Afrikan working class people at home and abroad. Chairman Omali vividly draws the picture of the profound contradiction that exist under the colonial domination of Afrikans and the benefits whites have received as a result of that colonial domination. He calls on white people to take a philosophical, ideological and moral stand against the contrariety of the privileges that have been lain in their laps and the repression of the rest of the people of world to achieve western luxuries and amenities . Additionally, he talks about the need for reparations as a result of the expropriation of wealth of a group of people who have provided the primitive accumulation of wealth that ignited a world economy through brigandage, slavery , genocide, and, slave labor resources Afrikans are now a colonized nation subsumed within the state apparatus of u.s. and their western allies.


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