2 thoughts on “FROLINAN

  1. Rbg National Strategy Of The- Front For The Liberation Of The New African Nation (Frolinan). The Core Treaties Of This Course Of Study And Program Was Originally Written By Freedom Fighter And Political Prisoner Imam Jalil Abdul Muntaqim In 1993. In My Research And Study I Was Able To Trace Back Many Of Its Core Concepts To “A Transitional Program For Black Liberation, International Socialist Review, November-December 1969, Socialist Workers Party, Resolution Of 23Rd National Convention New York, Labor Day Weekend 1969. (Enclosed) . Over The Past 10 Years, Under The Guidance And Advisory Of Our Elder Revolutionaries In Oakland, The Original Head Quarters Of Frolinan. I Have Built Frolinan Into A Nationally Functional Nu Afrikan Revolutionary Theory By Transforming It From A Marxist-Base To A New Afrikan Nationalist-Based Treaties. It Is A Programmatic Fusion For Several Works, Primarily Including Marcus Garvey’S Unia , Mx’S Oaau , The Rna , Dr Amos Wilson’S Blueprint For Black Power And Dr. Chancellor Williams Shape Of Things To Come-A Master Plan. We Are Now Providing The Proposal, Treaties And Program Of Decolonization Set Alongside Several Other Seminal Afrikan Liberation Programs And Supportive Assets For Our Active Numbers And Revolutionary Nationalist To Build Upon, For Us To Continue To Unite Our Forces Under A Single Program And National Strategy. Thus, To Build Frolinan Is To Push Forward The Quest Of National Emancipation, As Frolinan’S National Strategy Is Not Based Simply On Survival Pending Revolution, But Rather, Building The Revolution To Survive By Way Of A National Political Economic Program Towards National Independence.

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