One thought on “Kemetic Information Science

  1. EXTRACT FROM TEXT NOTES…The library is an institution many believe originated in the Western world with the Greeks, who,contrary to popular belief, learned what they knew about libraries from ancient Kemet, and later claimed to the world as their creation. Therefore, it is time for the African (especially), and all people who seek the truth, to become aware of (and an advocate of) the glorious library history and tradition of ancient Kemet (Egypt). A long proud and productive history and tradition that will not allow one to sit on the outside of library history, looking in, from across the street, as if he/she were a stranger to an institution our African ancestors invented and refined for the world to enjoy.It is time for a new reconstruction of library history. It is time for a history that will unhesitantly put Africa, and the African experience, at the center of its discussion. Otherwise, we risk the evil of participating in our own oppression, while our adversaries laugh at our imitative ignorance,and assign us to the bottom rungs of society….

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