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nam darknb

We of the New Afrikan Independence Movement (NAIM) spell “Afrikan” with a “k” because Afrikan linguists originally used “k” to indicate the “c” sound in the English language. We use the term “New Afrikan,” instead of Black, to define ourselves as an Afrikan people who have been forcibly transplanted to a new land and formed into a “New Afrikan Nation” in North America. We call ourselves New Afrikan because of the degree of force breeding and miscegenation we as a people have suffered, as well as the cultural imperialism and psychological plunder and rape of our affinity to Afrika, stripping away our Afrikan language, culture, art and worldview. Using Revolutionary Theory and Practice, OUR MISSION is National Liberation and Self-Determination for the New Afrikan Nation

the choice

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nam darknb



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