One thought on “RBG CODE OF CONDUCT

    NO SNITCHING The Police, Capitalism, the State etc. are an enemy to the people and to work with them is criminal, Ancestral Treason! Loose lips sink ships, snitching is unforgivable.
    NO RAPE To Rape is a violation of a persons physical, mental, and spirit. It is Barbaric and anti-African. Rapist should be dealt with.
    BANG FOR UHURU (FREEDOM) Warriors can only be initiated by an enemy. If you are going to bang-bang on the system, not other Afrikans.
    NO EXPLOITATION Don’t exploit your people. You live in the hood, they live in the hood and chances are they don’t have anything more than you do. We have enough community leaches and pork chop preachers robbing the people.
    WARRIOR CODE Security first! Protect Women, Children, & Elders. Train; work out get your fighting skills up to par. Police your own community. We don’t need pigs overseeing us.
    NO FALSE FLAGGIN’ Red, white, and blue ain’t never did sh*t for you. Don’t be a star-spangled slave. Get on the right team; rally round the flag on some Red, Black, and Green.
    DISCIPLINE Get your mind right, focus and organize your life. Be committed.
    BUILD SURVIVAL PROGRAMS The people come first. You are your Brother/Sisters keeper. Capitalism teaches individualism, which is anti-African. We have to create programs that are for the best interest of the people (especially Food, Clothing and Shelter).
    P.E. (POLITICAL EDUCATION) EACH 1 TEACH 1! It is important for African people to have knowledge of self. We have to be able to articulate why we are in the conditions we are in, who put us in these conditions and how can we get out of these conditions.
    YOUR WORD IS BOND (DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR) Warriors are only as good as their words. Make your word your bond!

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