RBG Glossary of Terms| Goals of Mis-Education vs. Liberatory Practices (NAIM Multimedia)


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We Are Afrikan People Wherever We Were Born No matter where we were born in the world. Afrikan (Black) People are historically and culturally linked. Our history, identity, and culture are rooted in the many thousands of years of development of Afrikan civilization on the Afrikan continent. This is a consequence of the ever forward movement and motion of the New Afrikan masses. It is from this historical march of our people (Afrikan [Black] People) that we derive our African culture, the sum total of material and spiritual values created by our people. It is this invincible weapon, Afrikan culture, that has always served to fight against all forms of oppression and exploitation, to move forward New Afrikan People and Afrikan civilization.

“From: RBG BLACKADEMIXTAPE VOL.1-Talib Kweli Feat. RBG Street Scholar- Ballad Of The Black Gold


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