Quilombo, Full Film, A Critical Review and 300 Years of Zumbi


Quilombo is a Yoruba-Portuguese word for free nation states of escaped enslaved Afrikans.This particular quilombo is named Palmares, the largest independent Nation State in history with estimates of up to 20,000 members. Palmares, or Quilombo dos Palmares, was developed from 1605 until its suppression in 1694. According to written sources and legend, the most famous rulers of Quilombo dos Palmares were Ganga Zumba and and his nephew Zumbi dos Palmares. Ifa, Yoruba culture, language, ritual and spiritual traditions were maintained in the Afrikan Diaspora as is depicted in this Docudrama



“They Can’t Kill Me” Homage 2 the original Truth Terrorist, Knowledge Gangsta and Blk History Hitman

dr khalid-kemet2

So, they made me remove the Dr. Khalid video clips. They cited me for BBC copyright violation. But I see so much British Broadcasting Corporation stuff on You Tube being used for educational purposes, just like all the other white-elite corporate networks. NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, BBC blah blab blah is at least 50% of YTs content. And what is most, I found the video on You Tube and it was not ouloaded by the BBC nor ad tagged.  I think I must have got them a little hot under the collar when I flip the script on their professional Klan attempt to mis-characterize and mis-represent Black Nationalism. They try to minimize it to the level of buffoonery, and of course there is enough of that around. If you go and look at the full so-called documentary film that I clipped Dr. Khalid from, it is really an age old crakkka attempt to put Black Nationalism and Blk Power on the same tier as the Klan or Skin Head Neo-Nazis. The film is an attempt to further marginalized the importance of New Afrikan Nationhood, Race First, Self-Defense and the Afrikan Idea to our survival and development as a people, and does quite a good job of it I might add. However,  Dr. Khalid clearly defeats their devilish attempts with real New Afrikan truth and intellectual Blk power when you put him on standalone as I did. So CHALK ONE UP FOR RBG COMMUNIVERSITY, it seems to have beat the high tech bigots with their own propaganda (masked as journalism).

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