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"Does RBG Hate America |White People

RBG Street Scholar doesn’t hate America or white people. But I / We do hate its / their racist and oppressive practices when dealing with Afrikan / Black people and other people of color here in the U.S. and throughout the world. And though I love people here and have no desire to live elsewhere (for now), overstand that America is no utopia. I believe concerned citizens / educators such as myself have a moral obligation to expose and crush problems and strive / fight for positive change by any means necessary. Running away from our problems or resorting to escapism via alcohol, drugs, material etc. will not solve them. This country was built off our Afrikan ancestors blood, sweat and tears from can’t see morning to can’t see night for no pay. Why the hell would I wanna leave- I / WE WANT OUR REPARATIONS (then I might be audi). Why you asks, because America is a sinking ship, the secrete government is blowing up pentagons, world trades and killing their own people for money and oil; and most walk around with their heads in the sand and /or are too afraid to fight for own their life. But also know this, if I / we were to leave this country, the problems inherent to the united snakes (especially militarism-police state and corporate exploitation) most likely affect us more elsewhere, because that is where they do most of their stealing and killing so they can live in glitter and glamor.

Furthermore, I believe that white supremacy / racism has and continues to be the major obstacle in the way of progress for the masses of our people here and throughout the diaspora , so we speak and teach on the unadulterated, documented truth of it all the best I know how, in a way that is accessible to the masses. And uncompromisingly. Things must to change for the better for everyone – that’s why I’m doing my part with this communiversity. I’m basically trying to counteract measures that have been put in place systematically and with malicious intent for 500-5000 years in order to thwart Afrikan peoples growth and development as a self determined group.
And for the record, no, RBG Education doesn’t support terrorists (U.S. or otherwise) or terrorism, and, no, we’re not calling for violence to be inflicted on anyone. Remember, freedom of speech to voice dissent at injustice is NOT a privilege, but “a right afforded to us according to the constitution”. To not exercise that right when faced with injustice and oppression is unpatriotic – not the other way around.
A deep cut analysis of European (Aryan and Semitic) scholarship and culture (including philosophy, mythology and religion, politics/governance, social theory and history, current events, education and economics, law and medicine, media communications, creative productions, arts and humanities) demonstrates that they all speak in one voice, and always in concert when it comes to those with the ability to produce color (melanin). But, precisely because melanin is more than a matter of color (skin pigmentation). It is the center of “hue-man” organizing, unifying and protecting probability, possibility and potentiality for Afrikan people. The European group has historically and presently continues to wage an undeclared “melanin war”. This war is characterized by remarkable unity of thought and action in all the aforementioned discipline in an effort to maintain a veil of falsification over a fundamental truth-WE AIN’T FREE.
Henceforth, Afrikan peoples study of their history, politics, social science and culture must set out to ruin all tendentious theoretical frameworks and practices of global white supremacy/racism.
N.B. There are a lot of hot-sauce integrationist on the web these days flexin red, black and green and claiming to be revolutionaries and Afrocentric educators in their work like its a damn fad. Please be careful, as these folk are really deceivers and enemies of our struggle /re-education process in black face. They are diluting and dumbing down the truth and presenting “safe” issues as to not offend the enemy (their boss). Some B.E.T. shit. For example, Malcolm X defined himself as a Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist Freedom Fighter, but most of what you will find on the web is
” Malcolm X, civil rights leader”. They took his life for speaking the truth and still continue to piss on his grave by perverting his message. Malcolm fought for human rights and argued that (paraphrase) “you have to have human rights before you can have civil rights; human rights is the right to be a human being.” He told us this some 50 years ago and the reality of his words ring a most resounding cord today. “You can never get civil rights until you have human rights”. And I say to this, when a stick is shoved up a man’s rectum ripping apart his insides and unarmed Black men are shot 41 and 51 times by the police, I would argue that we are not being given consideration as a human beings . So know wonder they can write in civil rights laws like the voters rights act one year and threaten repeal the next–“they are not really entitled to civil rights, as we don’t ever consider/treat them as human beings”.
So, it is dis-respectful to our true Afrikan Scholars and Freedom Fighters for the word revolutionary to even come out of their pseudo-nationalists’ mouth. Remember “the man who butters your bread feeds your stomach”; all you have to do to know who they are and what they are really about is follow the money.
What our re-education and socialization process must be about is not merely a sterile, objective academic process; real lives are involved here and our people are/have been dying. Our education must teach us how to get involved in real struggle that yield a better quality of life for those that are suffering with nothing in the land of plenty. Again, Minister Malcolm X taught us that “the price of freedom is death”. Freedom is the ability to defend, define and develop in our own image and interest as a collection, not private success. Certainly we want peace, but the key to peace in dealing with this beast is the ability to make war. That’s why they did Iraq and not North Korea.
My main point is, these closet boot lickers and toe suckers need to sit down and shut up. And you would be wise to avoid them like the plague, because they are just as fatal to our struggle freedom.

Ancestral Libation

To all our ancestors of antiquity, who developed great knowledge and gave civilization to the world.
(Group)Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!
To all our ancestors who were fortunate to be buried on the soil of Alkebu-lan (Africa) our motherland.
(Group)Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!
To all our ancestors who were lost and killed during the voyage of the Middle Passage.
(Group)Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!
To all our ancestors who suffered the cruelty of the horrible institution of slavery, racism, segregation and oppression in North America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East, and throughout the world.
(Group)Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!
We say thank you, great ancestors for the precious gift of your blood, sweat and tears who fought for freedom, justice and equality.
(Group)Your will to be, lives in me. Ase!
To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group)I promise, as a descendant and benefactor of your life, to uphold truth without fear, and to never forget you and your sacrifices as I teach myself and our children to honor and respect you. Ase!
To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group)I promise to assume the responsibility in continuing on the path of progress and build upon the foundation you have laid before us. Ase!
To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group)I promise to remove the fear, ignorance, shame and self-hatred of my African History and Re-claim the cultural heritage and consciousness of spiritual oneness. Ase!
To our ancestors, in your honor,
(Group)I promise to continue to build a new world for and with our children, based on our traditional cultural principles and values. Ase!
To all the spirits of our individual families, known and unknown by name, and whom we silently remember in our hearts.
(Group)We praise and honor you. May your spirit be filled with light and progress and may the light guide us through the fear and ignorance of our times. Ase!
Moment of Silence:

ADUPE ARIKU BABA WA (Thank You, by the Spirit of Our Ancestors)

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